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    Hey all i wanna move to Michigan. anyone live there and can tell me some nice towns. upper or lower? i like the cold so i was thinking more northern but do not know much aout the state. also im an armored truck driver so if there's work thatd be good info to.
  2. I'm in the far north of Michigan. The UP to be precise. The economy is struggling all over the state, but even more-so up here.

    Armored truck driver is somthing there would most likely be a good demand for up here. I see a lot of Loomis and I forget the other company trucks I see riding around.

    Downstate is like an big City place you would expect, but the UP is amazingly different. You get some City, but mostly beautiful outdoors and stuff like that. Cost of living is pretty cheap, but so are the wages around here.

    Lots of good weed since we have MMJ here too.
  3. That's awesome and what I want if I can afford if I want a house that backs up to a big ass forest. That's my dream house guess ill make some calls and might take a trip with some.friends
  4. I live in south west Michigan area and there's PLENTY of woods around here too man and there's a lot of colleges so there's always bud. And plus what Spaced said, Michigan is a medical state.
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    Anyone know a way to find a place and a new town? Just visiting seeing what I like or what? Don't really know how to go about doing this.

  6. ...what? :confused:
  7. was this english ? lol
  8. Was at a stop light and I'm on my phone.fixed it

  9. There we go, this is a little better.

    The only way to do this is to actually travel here and check some places out.

    Depending on what you want (large population, small population, small quaint town, large sprawling industrious town, etc etc) I could steer you towards some areas of interest.
  10. I go to college at msu lol I think Michigan is beautiful but damn this economy blows and I ain't much for the cold but this years winter hasn't been to bad but waiting for the snow in April happens every year
  11. Well a place I can get around on a bike would be cool lots of forests and a place where I can see a lot if stars
  12. Yeah I live in the U.P. a little further north than Spaced. The economy is shit here but there's definitely a lot of good bud if you know where to look but I would never make a move based on bud. The medical profession is in demand here in Marquette...and most of the labor up here in demand is for skilled labor. Its very pretty up here but if you don't like cold or snow you better not come up here! This winter was just plain weird...but usually we have below freezing weather until April here and we get ALOT of snow.

    Go to lower Michigan if you want to meet more people too, all these back country small towns up here are full of rednecks that have no respect towards anything. But there's nothing but forest where I live, and if you like nature, it's awesome.

  13. A lot of the towns up here in the UP you can bike around. I'd say 95% of them.

    There's a lot of mountain biking trails and what not around this area too. Pretty much this is how it works out: If you want tons of outdoors, nature, and close minded rednecks, you come to the UP. If you want diversity, more job opportunities and city life, you move to the Lower Peninsula.
  14. Hmmm I ma really need to visit I love nature but wanna meet people and shit to also lo e snow/cold
  15. Thanks for all the information
  16. I don't live in Michigan, but I've stayed at a beach house near Frankfort. It's a pretty cool little town on what would be the "pinkie" of the mitten on Lake Michigan, about 25-30 miles or so west of Traverse City.
  17. Northern is nicer IMO, and real estate is easier to come by, way lower crime rates, but the job market is better downstate

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