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  2. haha i joined and have spread the word of "open_minded"ness

    haha these people are so fucking stupid
  3. prettty much sums up my thoughts atm
  4. that thread ont hat forum.. i... well, this picture helps me explaine.

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    I read two lines that went something like, "back in my day we were good kids reading scripture and shooting guns all day", written by some dude with a Klansman (kkk) Avatar on gun violence in school....and I feel like punching something.

    lol Billybob JoeJohn

    ~Edit~ Lol it was just a parody, but it's still funny to know there are actually people out there that actually think like that.
  6. it's all a parody! don't take that shit seriously!
  7. I almost died laughing when I saw this. These guys are hilarious.
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  9. haha i joined, and got banned for saying hell is cold

    hahahahahaha what a douche baggy place
  10. WTF

    People are born Gay??? It is impossible to be born Gay, God would never do that. It is through the sins of man that he may become Gay. Being Gay is not a hardship, it is curse. Just like any curse, there are outward signs visible on the inflicted. Stuttering is one such sign. Be infected with the Gayness also damages a persons eyesight, just like masturbation though instead of going blind, the Gay loose thier ability to sense bright colors and hear low pitch sounds. This is why they like bright colored clothes and hearing female crooners like Cher, Judy Garland and Donna Summer.
  11. Oh dont bring that crap here...Its more annoying than funny
  12. WoW there goes 5 minutes of my life Ill never get back. Those people give me the hiby gibys. They are so narrow minded its freaking scary to think there are people out there like that.
  13. These people arent really like that...

    But the Westburo Baptist church is
  14. so... there are people who spend all day pretending to be super-conservative christians and making sure everyone else there does too, but it's all fake? this is a whole new level of having no life lol

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