want to make an Ebb & Flow system

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    Okay so first off I have a female plant that was in flowering for 4 days or so just to find out the sex and has now been put back into veg.

    Here is a picture of her, the stems are reddish in a few places and more in others and i was thinking this may be a Mg deficiency and of adding some epsom salts. I was hoping to get some clones off of the plant and was wondering if you guys think i can safely get 1 or 2 off her right now

    So anyway I have a picture of all the stuff i picked up for the ebb & flow setup, i also got some jumpstart cutting accellerator, root gel, and bigfoot grow and blossom 2 part hydro fertilizer.

    So I want to clone this plant to start the plants for the ebb & flo, but I need to know a few things first so I am confident in this:

    -How wet to keep the rockwool starter cubes and whether to use half strength jumpstart or just whatever the bottle says??
    -If i were to put these in a grow closet, and split it into two(veg/flower) then how do i keep fresh air moving in and bad air moving out with the outtake/inlet holes if the space is split in two,(hopefully that does not sound confusing)
    -should i cut clones near the top and where is best place to cut(below a branch,etc.)
    -Can I use the bigfoot fertilizer on the mother
    -Do I need to let the nut. solution sit for a few minutes after it floods, or just drain and the rockwool will absorb?
    -Do I need a humidity dome for clones??(also what is best light, temp, light schedule for rooting clones)

    I also still want to pick up:600 W HPS for flower, R/O filter,

    ANY help you can give me would be great as I am confused with this

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  2. any hydro gurus out there that can give me some tips here,
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    Using a humidity dome for clones is always a good idea. Keep the temp about the same as you would your mother plant. Humidity should be around 80% ish.
    As for you ebb and flow, Rockwell is very absorbant so you shouldn't have to keep it flood for more than a minute or two. And lighting for your clones you should keep the light a couple feet above as they are weak and having to grow new roots, just think of them as babies :) and yea use the bigfoot fert on your mom but do half solution first so that you don't shock it or potentially kill it. And remember to check your ph as ferts will change it usually. And for your ventilation situation. Try angling your fans towards your outlet holes, or have a fan for each side and maybe put your divider in the middle of your outlet hole(s) so that you have some for each side. And with your cloning, you probably want to pick your healthiest branches, preferably with 2 or 3 branches on them and try to cut half way from your bottom branch to your stem, and remember cutting at a 45 angle. God damn I have to keep editing my post cause I keep forgetting to answer some of your questions haha hope that helps. Where'd you get your plastic tray? I wanna get 4, 2 for veg 2 for flower.
    Looks like it's gonna turn out to be a great set up though, I plan on doing a drip system here pretty soon. Good job, hope it helps some.
    Oh check YouTube if you got any more questions, it's becoming the new wikipedia haha :)
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    Thanks for the tips man, I got the tray at a Hydro shop in London, it was the only one they had with the really ridgid walls so i picked that one up. About the ventilation issues, i don't really understand so I will make a little picture here to better describe my situatuion haha

    so notice the inlet holes are on the bottom left, now I need fresh air moving into both flower and veg obviously so i need to find a way to direct fresh air into inlet holes in veg room. i can exhaust into the area behind the room so am i going to need two different exhaust fans now or is there anyway bad air can escape from both rooms through 1 outtake fan.

    thanks and if you need anymore info let me know.By the way room (both sides ) is around 10x3x6
  5. I think they have things called air duct spliters. It would have two branching off 45 degree angled ducts. That way you can have a duct going into your other section.
    I think I'm understanding you right lol no picture came up in your post so I'm just trying to visualize.
  6. haha fucking picture is too big to upload because i made it on paint and put too much detail on, but the duct splitter will work perfect.i could use it for the outtake fan and leave one end open and on the other run it through the divider for the outtake on the left side. But what does this mean for the inlet holes. Do i have to do the same thing and use an intake fan aswell??Are intake holes enough or do i need an intake fan??

    thanks again
  7. you can probably use just the intake holes but I'd get a couple 60 or 80 mm computer fans and mount them on your inlet holes. I think that should work well.
  8. use computed fans connected to a 12v car trickel charger pluged into a timer that turns on 30 min b4 lights and off 30 min after lights off and rember u want more intake (fresh air) and less exhaust hope this helps it works great in my flower room consistant temp of 76 f.
  9. Yea thanks nick.
    That should be your solution right there.
    GL on the grow

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