Want to make a grow box out of my desk?

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]Hello,

    I wanted to make a grow box out of my desk the pic is attached, I do apologize about it being so blurry ya know how those cell cams are. But any who, Im not quite sure how I wanna do this. I didnt want to have to gut the whole thing out front and back, because im working with limited space I wanted to go thru the front. How would I do that without going through the back? All help is appreciated? I thought about leaving the front part intact with the drawer handle and cutting off the back of the drawer shelves and sides and use cardboard to cover the light gaps? Because of the way the shelves are made I know if I took out the middle rails out there would be gaps around the drawer doors. Hopefully I am explaining it right. But I need this desk for my 12/12 cuz I bought the computer kind and they are seriously to small for what I want to grow.

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  2. So you're saying you want to leave the shelves in then, right?

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