Want to know what really bothers me?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RMJL, Jul 10, 2002.

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  1. It really bothers me that some people have to try to acheive acceptance through a sort of validation of what they think they may see in themselves.

    \"Am I pretty? Do you think I\'m funny? Am I too loud? Do I bother you? What do you think of my tits? Should I work harder on my biceps? Do you like me?\"

    UGH!!! I just wish people could be secure enough with themselves that they don\'t have to need approval from others. If someone likes you, great! If they don\'t like you, great! Life still goes on with or without them.

    It just makes me feel sorry for people like that, I guess.
  2. yeah i really feel sorry for people like that too
  3. I think i know what youre really trying to say here rmjl....YOU THINK IM UGLY
  4. Would you guys still like me if i disagreed? *lol* just kidding, that\'s one of the main reasons I don\'t hang out with other girls.
  5. I swaer I will never ask again if this site is cool or not.

    I know it is cool, I know if for sure, I\'m also cool by the way :)
    I do not doubt that, My mother always tell me how brilliant I am, my father however does not.......mhmhhhm... makes me wonder. Anyway....Peace

  6. LOL SJ and Critter as well as the rest!!

    RMJL I want to say that i\'m very secure! If you were to meet me, and we spent two days together, you\'d never look at another mans butt again!!!!!!!! *SPANK*!!!!!!!!

    If the rest of ya ever come to the land of Bud Heads you\'d never want to leave!! This is true!

    I\"M SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh, NuBBiN, I so don\'t think your ugly. I hope you really aren\'t the Ice Cream Man, because he\'s rather ugly, but if you are then I can look past the insanity in his eyes and grow to love him!!!!!

    (Somebody? Anybody? Just go ahead and bring the straight jacket for me.)

  8. Hey, I thought you were coming here anyway??????

    How do you guys put quotes from 2 different people in one post?

  9. NO?????? haha-no You crack me up!

  10. I will be soon! You need to pm me and give me more info on your addy.

    I\'d look silly going around the mountain askig people if the know RMJL. Probably get my ass kicked!!!!!!
  11. No, they don\'t beat people up here in the mountains, they just kill you and forget you. Feed your body to the bears. Poor things are hungry, ya know.

  12. When I was up there last year I didn\'t see any bears but the ones in the cages at Cherokee. I used to see them all the time, until about 8-10 years ago. You\'ll have to show me the bears!
  13. mjrl boy did i like what you had to say , and i toataly agree w/ ya !!!! i couldnt said it better my self ! those kinda people need help . i guess i do feel a little sory for them as well . but im also very afended when people think they can lay all that shit on you , invading persinal space isnt cool , no matter what they are asking your opinion of , and to put you on the spot it only makes people not like you!!!!! i know who i am & dont need to anyones opinion for self asteam ya know? good post !!!!!!
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