Want to Know how to Grow Bag Seeds In Party Cups Till Harver

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  1. So i have very limited Space and im Makin a 2 Feet tall , 2 Feet Wide Stealth box and using 2 100 Watt Equivalent Cfls while using Alluminum for now. With 2 80 mm fans. I wanted to know if i 12/12 from seed to harvest around how much Yield will i get per plant. Planning doing 2 at a time. I was Wondering if i 12/12 from seed to harvest and i LST them how much Yield will i Get and how big will they grow. I know Space is Small but its what imma have to use for now.
  2. Don't use aluminum. You will get exactly 7.8431 grams, not really. To many variables to know what your plant will produce, maybe nothing.
  3. Ill Just paint it flat white then becuase i herd aluminum wasnt really good. and umm do u think if i lst them and 12/12 u think they will stay under 2 feet?
  4. you'll need more light, and more red spectrum light for flowering to produce a decent smokable yield. Yeah LST will keep your profile short.....buy a few mylar balloons and use those to line your grow box.
  5. what if i use 2 23 watt cfls that are 100 equivalent will it still be ok or what cfls do u recommend? ill try and go buy some mylar for my box soon
  6. I yielded an 8th out of a shot glass as a competition with the boys, so if done right you could maybe get close to a half oz. Realistically though it would prob be closer to a quarter or so.
  7. Alright thanks for the info appreciate it but you think it would be fine to 12/12 from seed to harvest using 2 cfls 23 watts that are equivalent to 100 would that be fine?
  8. Yes you can go 12/12 from the start. The cfls have to be in the 2700 range of light they will say that on the box.
  9. So is it fine if i 12/12 from start to Harvest? how big will the plant grow if i Lst it? and what if use some that are 5000? their the ones that i have right now and im kinda on a budget
  10. You really need the correct light spectrum to flower 2700k. You really should veg for awhile tie the plants down. The longer you veg the more you will get in the end. Flowering from the start, you will suffer in quantity. Look up sea of green if you plan on doing 12/12 from the start.
  11. Alright thanks i Would use the 5000 spectrum at first then ill go and buy some 2700 spectrum to use thanks
  12. you could do 12/12 but it is not advisable .... you'll get a lower yield, run the risk of hermies, run the risk of stressing the ladies, etc.

    there's no real upside of jumping the cycle so i'm not sure why want to start at 12/12. just veg a few weeks (4 weeks min) then go into flowering.

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    party cups btw are quite a bad choice for your intentions, if you got height restrictions you want your containers to still be as wide as possible and probably not as tall as party cups, so what you need are small flat tubs with extra drainage holes inside a larger flatter container to catch runoff.
    besides, depending on the climate you live in, it would probably be smarter to do an outdoor (guerilla) grow. cheaper, less work (although digging of course is a little bit harder) and much more and quite possibly higher quality bud. CFLs got nothing on the sun ;)
  14. I know a lot of people that run 12/12 from the start, but they are doing 50 75 plants. There weigh per plant is low but the total grow weigh is high because of the number of plants (SOG). He is right one plant needs to veg to get any weigh to make it worth the effort, like I have already said. I don't want to sound like an ass but the real answer to your question is to grow in a bigger area.

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