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Want to have sex with my teacher

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by skillzthatkillz, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. so at my school one of the teachers is fairly hot. I sometimes get the impression that she is hitting on me and i make jokes and we laugh together. She is approximately 24years old and i am 18 so the year difference isnt THAT big. i'll be frank with u guys...i just wanna fuck her. her body is like..... her ass is perfect and i mean perfect. the entire class all the guys are checking out her butt. She sometimes comes over to me when we're doing group work and sits down next to me and starts a conversation. one time i asked her if she could correct a mistake on my transcript at which point she came very close to me where we were nearly touching in order to talk to me i felt like just reaching around and grabbing her ass, pulling her toward me and making out with her.

    do you guys think i should tell her something? should i make suggestive comments and hope she catches on?
  2. Hmm.. tough. Id let her make the move if shes interested lol..

    But i mean if she doesnt.. wait till like the last day of her class or some shit.
  3. Where the hell were these teachers when I was in HS man?!?!? Lucky bastards. :cool:
  4. yea all my teachers were old or dudes except my 2nd spanish teacher

    dude bring her an apple thatll work. or better yet a fruit basket..
  5. find out if shes got a bf first if not SMASH THAT SHIT BRO!
  6. If you do-try anything make sure its at the end of the year so her job is not at stake.
  7. Whats the pro,take her out on a date.Its not like shes 40 and married.
  8. dude, fruit baskets are so out

    you gotta get her some steamin hot chicken and gravy
    that'll get her juices flowing
    and if it doesnt, you can just use the grease as lube

    i agree on waiting til the end of the year
    that way she wont lose her job
  9. Sounds like a terrible idea to me.

    Not saying you shouldn't try it, though. :D
  10. Whoa the teacher thing.....seriously jst wait, if she likes you she will let you know, if things are not moving along as quick as you want, find a way to touch her physically, in a non sexual way, e.g a handshake , observing a tattoo (innocently) etc and be more mature than your classmates, but if she's got a class full of guys just lusting after her, my guess is WHOEVER gets to nail her next, is in for a fucking marathon...literally. Good Luck. My Bro ended up with one of our teachers
  11. I think I've found a solution.... bottle over the head. BAM. Done. :cool:
  12. ask for some "after school help" haha
  13. i think i had a teacher like that one time. hey wait waz this the chick?:

  14. Haha this
  15. Try to get her number or something then wait till after your out of school and fuck her in the ass.
  16. LMAO.. I'm dying thats so funny!!!!
  17. Lol what makes you think she'll fuck one of her students? Unless she's one of those insane teachers that fucks underage kids or something.
  18. ^^^^^^^^^^

    Last time I checked, 18 wasn't under-aged....
  19. As long as you are both over 18 there is nothing illegal and no way that she can be fired ( as far as I know ). I remember there was a sex tape of a teacher and a student and the principal couldnt do shit cause they were both of age. Just ask her on a date or some shit

  20. I never said 18 was underage? I was talking about another situation. Not his.

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