want to harvest but its been raining

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by anita_bonghit, May 25, 2010.

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  1. ive got a plant that has top buds ready to go but the lower ones need a little more time, its been raining all day today and all day yesterday and its looking like it will rain again tomorrow, should i wait till the weather clears up and the buds arent as wet before harvesting some of the buds. i have the plant in ahuge pot so i moved the plant out of the direct heavy rain. its pretty much winter here in australia so its not humid at all.. i just want to avoid fucking up the drying process
  2. wow, 40 people viewed my post but no one offered any advice... nice real nice,i just wanted some advice about my prob and thought that fellow weed smokers and growers would be more than happy to help, but no. now i remember why i stopped using this forum, well you can punch it out your asses.. dont waste your time blasting me, i wont be back, douches
  3. Just a guess because I grow inside....but I would wait for it to stop raining and let the buds dry a bit before pulling the plant...Good luck.:D
  4. if they ready to go they ready to go why dont you just put the plant in a shed or a room or something over night so it can dry then harvest it in the morning
  5. No offence but if you're going to be as immature as that, you won't be missed :wave:
  6. Have you ever thought that those 40 people maybe didnt know that answer to your question?
  7. Yeah not shit...Who's the Douche?
  8. wow.. common GC wtf.... well anyways. but yeah they probably didnt know the answer to your question but i understand ur frustration since ur only looking for advice and ur posts keeps droppin.. but i do agree to let them dry out before harvesting. puting them in a room at night is a perfect idea. then in the day chop them up! WOOT :hello:
  9. yeah

    i have to say it is the problem for everyone not your thanks for sharing raining is occured many times at that point

    Rain Water Harvesting
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