want to grow but neeed help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Embree, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. OK So i have been researching on growing and have been reading all these threads and have gotten really stoked to grow!
    But, there is a problem...i live in the city of orlando and cannot grow in the house or yard...Can anyone tell me some places that would be good to set up a secret plant?
    Here r some spots i was thinking of:
    1. Theres a stream near my house that i think i could put a plant, but sometimes hobos go there to sleep or shoot up.
    2. My friend has a farm where he's gonna grow some so i could just pitch in a seed or two (but i kinda want my own plant :confused: so i dunno if i wanna do that)
    3. Then there is a few acres my family own in South Carolina...if i supervised a plant for a few weeks and then let it do itsown think could i just come back in several months and collect the bud or would that not work?
    4. Then there r some parks nearby but if found that would suck.

    Also the cops wouldnt be able to tell it was my plant if they found it at the stream or park could they?
  2. IMO your not ready to grow.Y cant you grow in your house? if the answer is I live with my parents, that means your not ready to grow. Also you cant discuss growing with your friends lose lips sink ships. IMO you should read about growing then when you own your own home and you still want to grow then move forward, for now just buy weed.

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