Want to grow a single huge (hopefully) cola plant

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  1. Hey all.... as an experiment I was thinking to grow a 1 bud plant...my strains are pretty bushy so I'll have to train my plant I guess... if that's the correct term for it.... while vegging should I cut all the side branches and try to make the plant develop as many leaves as possible close to the central stem before putting it into flowering?? any suggestions? :wave:
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    i have done it... cut everything off besides the top 1 foot except leaves... you know just cut the little branches off that will have all those little buds. i did it and got a huge bud, but overall weight was less. just don't cut the leaves off. just the branches or else the plant won't have enough surface are to draw in light. good luck.
  3. dont cut anything just grow it and it will naturally bud the main stem/cola u will have some small branches but the main cola will be huge
  4. Um, no its called Lollipopping. You cut every branch off and let the main stem grow the massive, single cola. :rolleyes:
  5. i do agree with bongboi... like i said, you will grow a bigger top, but your overall weight will be much less. the best way to grow pot is without touching it.

    (edit... however i encourage the experimenting.)
  6. Also to get bigger better cola's you can cut some of the bottom leaves at the bottom of the plant, but NO FAN LEAVE'S just normal leaves and not all of them. This works and i have seen many growers do this.

  7. I did that already and I got a big cola and loads of other buds on the side.... see my signature and scroll down until you see green if interested..... that is what I'll keep doing to get my desired amounts.... but I thought..... I want a MASSIVE cola.... thanks to all for the tips.... will definately try in my next grow....:wave:

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