want to get wife a new vape for xmas

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  1. I currently have a small off brand box vape with a whip ~$70 (similar in looks to the vaporbrother's ones.) I'm considering getting her a decent vape. The current one takes a long time to go through a bowl. Its nice for a casual smoke and sit and chat, but sometimes you just want to have a hit and continue on with life, just a bit more relaxed. I dont have time sometimes to wait that long for it to heat up. thanks!
  2. im a huge fan of the vaporgenie. its a hand held vape that kinda looks like a corn-cob pipe and requires absolutely no pre-heating. I got mine for $40 and it works amazing. the only thing is that theres a learning curve with it cause you still use a lighter and kinda hit it like a regular pipe, but i was able to get it down after a bowl or two.
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    i think a purple days would best suit your wife. because u can just turn it on, takes like 30 mins to warm up, but after that, u can leave it on all day and take hits whenever u want.
  4. 30 minutes is a crazy long time for a vape to heat up...I purchase a vaporbros hands free for 165 about a month ago and the thing is incredible. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to heat up and then you are good to go...generally a bowl (probably about .1-.2 of a gram) will last me about 10-20 hits, depending if I am taking some nice small hits or big rips. Takes no longer than about 10 minutes to finish a bowl while still relaxing.
  5. the purple days is meant for being able to leave it on all day, and to take hits whenever u want. after the first 30 min initial warm up, theres no wait. u hit it whenever. and it wont burn up ur bowl. so u turn it on, and leave it on all day and take hits whenever without having to wait each time after its on. can your vapor bros do that? i dont think so.
  6. Actually, it can. I have no problems leaving mine on, and virtually no vapor will escape the whip unless a packed bowl is left on the heating element for literally hours without a hit being taken, then a small amount may escape, but the easy fix to this is simply remove the whip, and just place it back on when your ready to vape, take a hit, and your good to go. I am not saying the purple days isn't quality I haven't used one I was just trying to say that I thought 30 minutes was a long warm up time. Vaping is great no matter how you slice it, and everyone has their preferences.
  7. Volcano. It's a tank, and it will last forever.
  8. well the purple days was built to be left on 24/7, so you know it wont break from continuous use of it like that. but the vapor bros wasnt built for it, im not saying itll break or anything.

    but i gotta agree with you there. different types of vapes intended for doing different types of vaping.
  9. I've considered a portable one as well. I have a buddy who has the iolite one. wasnt sure if that was worth it.
    30 minutes seems like a while. I like vaping, but most smoke oportunities are rare, and i may not have 30+ minutes to sit and vape.
  10. Iolite or Volcano IMO.
  11. My two favorite vapes are Purple Days and Iolite. Purple Days is by far the most efficent vape on the market. Loading the bowl up with .2 will last you a looong time. Iolite is great because it is extremely stealthy, Can use it movies, walking down the street, etc.
  12. You should consider a silver surfer or da buddha vape. Both made by the same company, but the silver surfer is a more upgraded version of da buddha. I forget exactly what they are going for, but I picked up my da buddha last summer for about 150, and I love it. Without a doubt a great investment. Warms up in 3 minutes, very easy to use, and it comes with a warranty that will replace anything for free if it breaks (except for glass haha)

    Check it out, but if you afford it, go for a volcano :)
  13. Check out the Da Buddha, Launch Box, Purple Days, HerbalAire, or the Extreme and see which one (or more) fit your particular needs. Also, visit fuckcombustion.com and compare reviews and personal experiences. The website is home to a very knowledgeable vaporizing community.
  14. depends on your needs, obviously if you want the best get a volcano
  15. Wolcanos aren't a "quick" high, though--especially not if you want to conserve weed. I think bag vapes are more party-suited, but that's just my opinion. (I also don't really enjoy them that much.)

    I think depending on your budget, Da Buddha or the Silver Surfer might be your best bet. Especially if you have a little more cash and want to get something that looks great in addition to performing well.

    Vaporbros are nice too, I just don't see why you'd go for a wooden construction when you can have a thick metal frame.
  16. I accept with information:purple Days is by far the most efficent vape on the market. Loading the bowl up with .2 will last you a looong time. Iolite is great because it is extremely stealthy.
  17. The Purple Days would be the way to go, but you would have to wait until after Christmas to get it, because of the 9+ week waiting period.

    I'd suggest looking into the MyrtleZap. It's basically the exact same thing as the Purple Days, except without the huge wait. It looks just like the PD (besides the type of wood), and it's just as efficient. Some swear by the PD, but the MyrtleZap is essentially the same. Some just don't like the fact that MyrtleZap contains brass, but is not used in the vapor bath IIRC.

    It's also $30 cheaper....it's made by Aromazap


    You can also look into the Da Buddha, as mentioned earlier. I own it and it's great! Delivers great big tasty vapor hits.

  18. You know when people say that there is a "best vaporizer," they know little to nothing about vaporizers.

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