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  1. Hello all.
    First time poster here. Please excuse me if I'm being naive. I am looking to get into the cannabis industry, and my dream is to eventually own a flourishing grow op and dispensary. I currently live in Utah where cannabis is very illegal. I would like to move to Oregon so I can grow and sell legally. The problem is I don't have a lot of money. I have enough to start a 4'x8' hydro grow, but not much more to spend on rent, transportation, food, electrical bills, etc. My question is: Should I get a part time job while also growing? Will that be dangerous to my plants if something goes wrong? Should I just save up enough money now and then grow full time? All opinions are appreciated! Thank you!
  2. You don't need to be on site all day everyday if you have decent equipment I should imagine?
  3. you would probably need a job, a 4X8 grow can only yield so much. If you have a one light system it will take you 90 days to harvest, if you have a separate room for veg than you harvest every 60 days. In a 4X8 you can only get around two pounds every 60 days max. Is that two pounds going to be enough to support all your bills and life style for two months? Where I live I would need a way bigger grow than 4X8 to support my way of living and I am cheap. If you are new to growing than getting two pounds from your first harvest will be hard. If you mess up your grow and you don't harvest enough or the quality sucks than your screwed, you also have to have a buyer. I would get a job and start your 4X8 grow but keep growing your operation larger. Save some more money and invest it back into your grow op and buy another 4X8 system after things are going well.
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    Two Kind led K5 1000 on lights movers with C02 will cover a 10X10 sealed room. This set up ill be very cost efficient to run and will give you the largest yield for the least amount of electricity. Most bedrooms are 10x10 where I live so after a while I add another 10x10 room, same set up. The lights cost a lot up front but if you are taking this seriously like your life depends on it because it is your job then buy the best lights. HPS and MH run too hot and require you to cool them, cost more money in the long run.

    C02 + water +light = oxygen + sugar

    So use C02, use R/O water, get the best light on a light mover. These are the key things to increase yield.
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  5. OP just stick to Saturday morning cartoons and big bowls of sugary cereal
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  6. find out how to become a caregiver in your area, it pays, and you'll learn loads. a good starting point.
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  7. Better get that job brother...im not legal but i do it this n a serious way n my veg rm is over double your rm size.my flower rm is 20×32..it costs thousands bro....my best advice wud b learn how to go perpetual...ill b adding more soon but i scrog(6×5 stadium trellis's ×4nets)every 2 wks im flipping 6plants in a net,which in return im pulling 6 plants every 2wks..1000hps over ea net...im sure u get the picture of how this can add up to $$
  8. There is always the dark net markets ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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