want to get high real bad

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. man if i had weed id fucking smoke it

    its been well over a year
  2. I'd love to blaze with you, when you can.

    Shit, I'd run this blunt right on over to you.

    Right. This. Second.

    Have some good times listening to dubstep.
  3. Man I have weed and I can't smoke it, unless I want to settle for a job making less than $10/per hour

  4. its 420!

    haha no money
    trying to quit smoking cigs
    just smoked one oh well

    ima take a nap maybe ill feel betterr when i wake up
  5. Watch judge judy
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    Watching it now ahahaha.

  7. that is exactly what im doing now... it should be considered a comdey
  8. Dude to bad you cant just magically appear to toke this with me, I would gladly smoke you out with my lukewilson bubbler.

    Nothin is better than an afterwork smoke sesh :D

  9. rofl same house!!! hurry up i gotta use the shitter
  10. now tha's a JILF
  11. Wow I didn't know so many people watch it. It's like part of my routine.
  12. Lol@ judge judy. Craziest judge in the world.

    Reminded me of these dumb fucks.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSUXTFceilo]Judge Judy - Dumb and dumber - YouTube[/ame]
  13. wtf did he say^^^^^^
  14. He said there was no ear piece in there
  15. I know how you feel man. Well kind of, I haven't smoked in a week, you haven't smoked in a year.
    On the bright side I haven't had a cigarette in weeks, but if I don't get some bud soon I'm definitely going to be buying a pack of Marlboro red 100's soon.

  16. I think it was because of that "I Hacked The System" thread :laughing:
  17. Alright, I'm out of TP, bring me your face.
  18. no comparison dude,
    one week to one year..
    not a chance you know what this guy feels:devious:

    stay away from that whacky tobaccy eh

    never will understand why people bother with that shit,
    i always ask people who i see smoking what their favorite part is.
    they can never find an answer..

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