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  1. I'm a relatively new grower and I was told the way one tells if their plants are mature is when the calyxes start growing on the tops of your buds. I listened to these people and I think I cut the last harvest much to early. They told me that my strain can only go 4 months total. 1 month to veg 3 month to bloom. Last harvest I left them 2 months vegging wanting to get them nice an big before 12/12. After 2 months of 12/12 they started developing these calyxes (they look like little bud fingers growing off the top). I was told it's been 4 months (2 veg 2 bloom) and I needed to cut immediately or they would degenerate ...so I did. Now I've done a little research and know a few different ways to tell if the plants are maturing. I got me a magnifier and I check them often. Nevertheless it still worries me...

    My questions:

    1. Is it true that when the calyxes grow off the top they are over mature?

    2. Could I veg them longer than 1 month if I wanted to or do the plants have a life cycle of only 4 months after placing them under the grow lamps.

    From what I've read and seen I think what matters is the time you flip the switch to 12/12, right? Anyhow I haven't seen any pics resembling how mine look with these calyxes coming out off the top...so still concerned....Any help here is greatly appreciated I want to produce good quality with a nice flush and don't want to ever rush it like I did last time especially if I didn't have to.
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    no that is not true if youcheck the tricks and when they are all amber and folding down then i suppose you could say they were "over mature"and as for the veg Q you can veg as long as you want,some people i know someone who has had there mothers(for clones) on veg for 8 months.i would stop listaning to they people as they ruened your last grow!!!
  3. Cool man that answers a lot of my doubts and concerns. You know some people just like to thrive off others misfortunes, is the only thing I can think of cause I went to his party and his shit was huge. Some ppl really suck a spider mite hex on them ooogity booogity booo and may our buds get so big they break the stems [​IMG]

  4. delpfranco,

    You can grow a plant as long as you like as long as you keep it a veg state. When you start to flower the plant (12 on and 12 off light) it will take anywhere from 7 weeks to 12 weeks to flower depending on the strain and the kind of lights you are using. The best way to tell if your babies are done is to look at the thrichs and there is a great set of pictures at this guide;


    Just scroll down a bit on the first page and look under the heading of Harvest Pictures. Hope this clears up some of your questions.

    Wolf :yay:
  5. trichs go clear to milky to amber. harvest when 30-50% are amber. get a 30x magnifier with a light and do some exploring. Very simply put

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