WanT to buy Arizer solo?

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  1. I'm leaning towards the Arizer solo for my first Vaporizer. I'm seeing different prices from $220 at some store like vapor nation, and $140 on eBay. I don't want to end up buying a fake one. Should I avoid buying the one from eBay? thanks
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    The ones on eBay are legit. Just look for the sellers that have authorized dealer on them and make sure you get the nearest version. The newest version is the M1C/M1D model. I just bought one off of eBay last night. I have also bought my Da Buddah Vape from eBay over a year ago and its still perfect.
  3. I bought the cheap one on eBay for 140 and it works great! I've had no problems with it and had it for 5 monthsYou know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher
  4. If you're worried about that shit just get it from Puffitup. I think you can get it for $160 shipped from them. 
    I had the Solo... it's meh. You should get the Extreme Q off eBay for not that much more $$$. 
  5. I just ordered it but not from eBay $199 shipped overnight free. I buy a lot from eBay and most products are cheap made version. I don't know if I order the newest version, as long as it works and reliable, I'm good.
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    Congratulations, you just fucked yourself!
    I even gave you the best alternative outside of eBay, which was $40 cheaper. Puffitup has extremely insane fast shipping. Always got everything in two days from Cali to Colo. 
    Arizer Solos are LEGIT on eBay and I'm going to laugh my ass off if you ended up with a pre-2013 for $200 or some kind of shitty knock off. 
  7. I would still not buy from eBay, and as long as it works and reliable, all it matters. I'm not even going to look what version I bought, paid for and done with it. I'm sure it'll end up in a junk collection when I'm tired of it.
  8. yeah puffitup has the latest model and i think it comes with a grinder as well...
  9. so do you have any buyer's remorse? disappoints, satifies, meet or exceed your expectations? i'd like to know. if you're a noob i'd definately like to hear abt your experience. i've UTFSE on many sites and i like info from this perspective as well as a veteran vapist's purchases.
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    I just got mine today. I have to say I am very pleased with the Arizer Solo. Excellent vapor quality and taste of my herbs. It doesn't give huge clouds like my DBV but it does get some pretty decent clouds especially for a portable device.

    Just my .02 based off of using it only twice so far.
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    Although I do my research before buying, I still buy on impulse. I don't have any regrets once I buy an item, as long as it works the way it's suppose to, it seems this one does. I'm sure I'll be looking for something else in a few months. I buy a lot from eBay, just not confident enough on their particular items, such as this one.
    As far the Unit itself is concern, I like it. It has a solid feel to it, very compact and it gives a reasonable amount of clouds compare to other portables I've seen reviewed. I'm looking to pair it with a bubbler or a bong for extra filtration.
  12. Should've used ebay cheaper and it's the same thing

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