Want to buy a new quality bong

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  1. I had a bong now for many years, costed me 10 dollars and works great. But its
    getting old and tired. I love bongs, so im willing to invest in something spectacular.

    Now when i go online and look for bongs, i see perculators, recyclers, bubblers and much more.
    Does theese things actually do something or is it just for sound and look when youre hitting?
    (i understand moving water might be easier to clean)

    I would appreciate cooler air, what bongs are the best for this?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated (100-300usd)
  2. bio hazard double tree perc bongs are great (hard to find) and i like anything from gravlabs

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  3. First, I'm right there with ya. Or I should say I was, until I did what you're doing and bought a new bong. Percs are good, but I question the use of more than 2. I think some of the larger ones have more just for looks. Aside from sounding/looking cool, they work to wash the smoke and make the hit a lot smoother. They can make it a bit harder to clean though.

    What I ended up getting was a noname china glass beaker bong with a single tree perk and ice nipples. I forget what they're called, those little pinches in to hold an ice cube in the tube. It rips, If I add ice (rarely), you can barely feel the smoke.

    Where I live, there are a ton of glass shops, head shops and weed shops that sell glass. I could've gone around to a few places, comparison shopped, etc. but I went with an inexpensive china glass piece I ordered from DH Gate for $30 because I wanted to see if I even liked a bong like that before making a big purchase. So you may want to do something like that too. Just an idea

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