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  1. Yeah i've had a pretty hectic few days and wanted some advice as to what i should do.
    So I have a very good friend called luke and this week I was staying with his family for a wedding. About 6 weeks ago I was on his phone trying to delete a facebook status he had made about me (I sleepwalked and pissed in a cabinet in his house) Because I didnt know how to use his phone I accidentally went on the internet and the search predictor came up with numerous things like "gay sex army slave" being a recurring theme. So back to the holiday. One night when all of the family had got there we all went to the pub and basically got beastly drunk. We then got back home and got even more beastly drunk. I dunno about you guys but alcohol is the worst for me in terms of saying exactly what you shouldnt so for some reason I ended up telling all his sisters. After that I dont really know what happened but we all went to bed. To make a bad night worse I then wake up, naked, with half of his family shouting at me and one guy threatening to punch my face in. Turns out I had yet again sleepwalked and gone into the room next door and tried to get into bed with his aunties boyfriend. So i wake up and long story short they kick me out 250 miles away from where I live. Luke basically doesnt want anything to do with me anymore. He also says that there is a reason for the search history (although if there was, why didnt he tell me and all his sisters on the night and then we would have probably all laughed about it? If someone had told my family that and thank God there is a genuine reason for it then I would be chomping at the bit to tell them. Luke says that it is less the event but also the lack of remorse. Maybe I wasnt in a very remorseful mood when, with a banging headache, walking in the rain trying to hitchhike luke sends me texts saying i was "rotten to him and his family" and that I have "mental issues". Obviously I did something wrong, but when people are drinking that much (probably over 12 UK pints) then stuff happens. When I came to the house to apologize (I went for a swim in the morning to clear my head) his dad was dumping my clothes on the floor and luke wouldnt even come and see me. How was I supposed to apologize? Anyway thanks for reading and any advice you have is much appreciated
  2. that awkward moment when your name is Luke....
  3. So lets see

    You, on your friends phone, find out he could be gay.

    You then decide to disclose that VERY personal information, to his closest of family.

    Then, you are caught trying to, what looks like, sleep with his aunts boy friend.

    Albeit, you were sleep walking, but after you completely disrespected his personal life like that, did you expect some sympathy?
  4. Dude, try to put some returns in there, and make it a bit more easy to read. I tried to follow your post, but it's like a hodge podge of words that don't make much sense together.

    Try bullet points. We don't need to know the whole story - bullet point it.
  5. give it time..i mean you did tell everyone that shit and try to get in bed with someone in his family..id be fucking pissed too.
  6. idk but it sounds like luke is gay. lol
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    yeah you are right sirsog.....i think the thing is that I said luke was a very good friend but the truth is he is my best friend. So i found out this thing and of course I cant tell anyone and its really weird and kind of fucking with my head.....add excessive alcohol into the mix and its a recipe for disaster

    ps sirsog bullet pointed it perfectly so i wont bother

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