Want new shoes.

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by Sir Tokes Alot, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I need some suggestions cuz I wanna get some new shoes. I want something fly. Price range around $120. I only usually wear Jordans and Nike's so what do you all think I should get cuz I goin tomorrow.
  2. Toms.... :laughing:

    and I dont know man.... just whatever appeals to you, I get mine at thrift stores...yard sales, so don't mind me.
  3. I might pickup the concords
  4. [quote name='"Sir Tokes Alot"']I might pickup the concords[/quote]

    Concords for 120? Goodluck with that lol

  5. I might go the extra dollar, it's been a good week for me I just try to spend that but it never usually works lol. I don't know though I need suggestions I am always so indecisive when I get new kicks.
  6. I wear Nike air maxes so get those I hate jordans

  7. Why do you hate jordans?
  8. fire red 4s this saturday. i get tickets on friday
  9. Nike sb janoski's all day
  10. L.A. Gear
  11. nike sb dunks brah
  12. 120 for shoes??? :bolt:
  13. Can never go wrong with sb's
  14. adidas Rod Laver, or gazelles, or if you really want to be baller, a pair of allen edmunds
  15. I wear Adidas gazelles,their really comfortable and casual.
  16. Adidas gazelles and Nike free runs are what's have rightnow

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