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  1. So I have a 2 foot inline Phire now and love the thing to death. Only problem is it's so damn big and get's hard to transport sometimes (live with my parents and before you ask, i'm 19 ;)). And as of late, I've been wanting to hit something a little different.

    I should let you guys know I'm a bong kind of guy. I was thinking of getting a fixed stem bong that's smaller than what I have now or a bong/bubbler (wubbler?) that is smaller and delivers some nice clean hits.

    SO, here is my question to my fellow tokers: Keeping a budget of $90-$130ish what would you guys get?? :hello:
  2. ashcatcher and arm

    or a vape.
  3. yeah i was thinking maybe the MFLB but I wanna try one before I buy it hahaha :p
  4. I personally love the Iolite, it has a lifetime warranty too, which is really nice.
  5. Well, if you're a bong guy, I suggest an ashcatcher and possibly a new downstem depending. But, a vape wouldn't be a bad choice either :smoke:

  6. yeah i've been wanted to get an a/c for a while. but i have a stemless so i couldn't get a downstem haha

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