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Want my GF to smoke with me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alex is awesome, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I been smoking around my gf since we first been going out(almost a year). She doesn't mind, in fact she thinks I'm super funny and exciting when I'm high. But I want her to smoke, she's not completely against the idea but she sees no reason to do it. The truth is she is my GF but most importantly my BEST friend and I just wanted to get high with my friend at least once but I don't wanna push her too much.
  2. cant make her do anything she doesnt want to. just next time your blazing offer her a hit off it
  3. ok? are you asking for advice?
  4. ..... What do you think I should do?
  5. like i said....just offer her a hit
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    If you can lay out the benefits of smoking and show that no one has died directly of smoking, you may be able to convince her. Give legit resources and whatnot. And also tell her it IS fun and will give a new perception on things. And if she ends up agreeing, make it a very comfortable environment where there will be very little paranoia or anxiety. Make sure there's food around and water as well. Etcetera etcetera...You get the idea :smoke:

    Edit: If you need help finding sources you should PM Storm Crow (Grannie), who's the most awesome person in this site. Happy toking and good luck :bongin:
  7. have her smoke from your skin pipe instead

  8. Uhhhh wut?

  9. hahahaha ohh innocent minds :smoke:
  10. lmao word
  11. Most people are afraid they're gonna OD or some nonsense the first time...

    If I were you I would just offer and let her decide. Last thing you want is someone being nervous and getting high for the first time.
  12. What should you do... If you want to smoke with her just convince her to. It sounds like shes not opposed. Give her reasons to do it since she lacks them. How did you get her to suck your dick, like come on man there is no secret.

  13. I get it but come on, really? The bro's asking for advice, I'm pretty sure she already does that.
  14. She was so curious since she was a virgin and she ended up doing it without me askin..... boss:smoke:
  15. Haha smoking or sucking dick?! Lol

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