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Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by redneckgrower420, May 27, 2013.

  1. ive been wondering about something for awhile now... what is the earliest you can putt a plant into budding? and how long will it take before its ready to crop? and maybe an rough estimate of the yeild? if its atleast 5 grams it will be worth it i have hundereds of seeds so ill just do a small SOG. 

  2. I've heard you can flower pretty much immediately and it will just form 1 tiny little bud, lol. As for yield, that depends on your lighting, mostly.
  3. Some people do 12/12 immediately.
    with clones once they are full rooted and settled you can flower at almost any height/age
  4. Well ive seen other grows that have made a decent yield from 12/12 from seed. Im currently experimenting with 12/12 from seed. Pre-flowers appeared in the first week and a half of life.
    The plant is still bushing, ill let you know what my yield is, but im gonna assume it will be more than a nug.

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  5. I'm at both ends of the spectrum lol.  I've got 2 Blue Cheese's that are super mature veg's with really long pre flowers everywhere.  I'm cloning it tonight, then as soon as it takes root I'll basically stick it in flower.  Hopefully will bust out lots of clones that are harvest-able soon.
  6. As soon as it sprouts but I'd wait untill its about foot high because its not winter.

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