Want a different perspective? Got 15 minutes to spare?

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6w2M50_Xdk&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Science Saved My Soul.[/ame]
    what do you think?
  2. Inspirational, thanks for sharing
  3. Np, buddy. Glad someone watched it
  4. "you can just smile up at the universe and say, dood, i'm you."

    thats what im fukin sayin
  5. love it man! just beautiful...
  6. I've seen this video before, absolutely amazing. It got me thinking thats for sure.
  7. It really is truly amazing when you think about it. And I feel the same as the guy in the video; I am glad I'm not a part of an religion. I have no boundaries to hold back my dreams. I don't have to live to follow a higher power, but instead I can live to enjoy life. And I crave knowledge of science and psychology. It helps me find a deeper meaning of life and all that stuff.
  8. I want a different perspective. I have fifteen minutes to spare because I have no life. Challenge accepted.
  9. A man could go crazy thinking about our universe and even our galaxy, really.

    We may never know what it truly is. Our minds may never comprehend when we do get the facts about our universe. The universe is truly the last frontier because there will never ever be another. All of our questions will inevitably come to looking up at space, and eventually exploring it. And we may never get any answers.
  10. My mind is blown.
  11. 30 billions years.. are you fucking kidding me.. hahahaha loved it, although i am faithful i dont subscribe to defined religion and this video although he is atheist i respect his point of view and i appreciated everything he said and enjoyed it.

    Its definitely true what he says, the way religion has evolved only to poison the minds of its populace, for me god is DEFINITELY something you need to find within yourself or should i say find your connection in this cosmos ^^.

    I was watching a documentary on money the other night, and was interesting how they were comparing stock investment busts to how herds think. If the one bull gets fear its spreads to the rest and a stampede is formed.

    I think this description can be said for most things, and definitely can be said for what religion has done to the world, But i must lastly add i still think religion is a good thing for teaching morals its just that the people using it are going a bit to far and are using it as a form of control/constraint.

    But hey, dude i am you! hahahha
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    The universe is our higher power. I've always agreed with his theories before this movie, but I find it a low blow to attack religions. I'm not religious myself, but from my understanding, they have always accepted that the universe is there higher power. They don't require scientific faith because all that is, is there proof. Now, most religions will add nonsense on top of this theory, but he acts like his theory is separate from religion.

    Faith is required for anything to exist to yourself. No one can create your faith, so I respect anyone that can accept EVERYTHING is god (nature). Only you can create what "god" looks like. To me, it is constantly starring me in the face (nature). The bible says "man made god in his image", not the other way around.

    The problem people have with religions, is because they look at it to literal in my eyes. If you look at it with open thought, and read there texts as metaphors, you will see they aren't as crazy as you think. (I speak for some, not all. lol) People shouldn't allow text to control there thought process. bottom line.

    If you are interested, I highly suggest the movie One: The Movie. VERY GOOD Documentary discussing religious and atheistic views, and comparing them unbiasedly.

    Now, the question is, what are we going to do about it now that we can accept we are all one. Your "enemy" comes from the same universe, and works just like you. WE ARE THE UNIVERSE. One love all.
  13. Religion started out as a great IDEA, then it manifested itself into this belief structure full of complicated rules and obligations. Our culture has evolved in such a way, that religious people disregard anything if it goes against what their holy book says. Belief is the death of intelligence and common sense. To deny something that has been proven time and time again because you're to stubborn to look past your own beliefs is not intelligent in any way. Fuck religion
  14. Same with government, and pretty much every human on the planet, because that is how we have conditioned ourselves. Your opinion says religion is wrong. Who made that a fact? You. No one else. (Well maybe some others, but thats because you assume your right is absolute truth) There is no absolute truth. We create our own truths. You must believe in something to gain "intelligence". Otherwise it doesn't exist.

    The only truth we can agree is absolute, is that we exist, and there is a reason. Your reason is your "god". I'm not talking about the reason for life, I'm talking about the cause for our effect. (Many believe to be big bang)

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