Want a cheap bong, don't care if it's fragile

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  1. I know a lot of people always say "probably cheap china glass" when they talk about the cheap bongs you can buy, and I still don't know what that means.

    The thing is, I really want a glass bong with a slide. I don't want a carb, and I don't care if it is made of "cheap China glass," I just want an affordable bong.

    I don't plan on dropping it, so glass strength isn't an issue.

    Any recommendations?
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  3. Why do you need an opinion on a cheap bong? Just go to your closest headshop and pick one thats all glass and you like.

  4. Because the cheapest bong at the nearest headshop is $70.
  5. i remember when i thought getting a cheap bong was a good idea.. broke it within the first week. that's just me though, good luck man

  6. Thanks for the recommendations man. Those are both about the same size, both the same price.

    They have different joint sizes, what does that affect?

    Which of the two would you get?

    Can you recommend anything a little cheaper?

  7. I have a glass on glass 21", ice notch and thick glass for $45 at a video store.

    Look around, never buy online.
  8. out of those 2 i would get the payday. bigger base, unless thats a plastic ring i see at the top. different joint sizes 14mm and 18mm are just the size of downstem/bowl it uses.
  9. You can sort by price on most websites! GC has bongs for as little as $12.

  10. The payday looks more appealing. Why would a plastic ring be a turn-off?

    Will a smaller/larger joint affect the way it rips?

    I've only had one bong before, and I broke it because it was in the days of having to hide my smoking stuff. I'm on my own now though, and won't have to wrap this thing up in a jacket and then forget that I did that because I got blazed.

  11. technically yeah, the 18mm would let more air in than the 14mm so essentially easier to pull, but its such a small difference i never know :confused_2:

  12. i personally think any plastic no matter where on the bong is a turn off, should be all glass. Also as for a bowl i would look into a disc slice, hits better than a push slide which is normal bowls with one hole. i think 18mm bowls usually have to much airflow though , airflow would be same for 14/18 on a push bowl though im sure. good luck on your search!

  13. What's the difference between a disc and a push slide?

    I'm pretty poor and work hard for all my money, so I'm basically just looking for a glass on glass piece that will do the job of getting me stoned for pretty cheap. The only specification is that it needs a slide.
  14. Well, I suggest getting one of those bongs if you want a bong of decent quality. If you are looking in the $20 range, then they are probably going to be below 10 inches with carbs.

  15. What about something below 10 inches without a carb? Does that exist?
  16. joe, in my oppinion if your bong isnt airtight its not worth having at all. ive seen some fairly priced glass on glass bongs that i really reccomend.

    Glass Bong Conical Tubing - Grasscity.com

    the bong i use everday is similar in size but is a beaker style. i also added an ashcatcher. the cool thing is about glass on glass is that if you feel like spending 20 or 30 again in a month or a year you can add a ashcatch and even get more smoke out of it

    just my 2 cents, good luck

  17. Thanks for the tip man. I'm considering that one.

    *sigh* I don't want to admit it because I'm sure someone's just going to tell me to google it, but I have no idea what the other bong accessories are for. What's an ashcatcher and how do you put it on?
  18. If I were you, I would go with the Payday Roundfoot, the second one I suggested in my earlier post. And as for your question, an ash catcher is basically a piece that you add in your bong which filters the ash, and prevents your bong from getting dirty. Its convenient, but not essential.
  19. joe, nice thats a sweet bong! you can drop ice in that one too no problem. it might even sit on the downstem and in that tiny area it might make more bubbles (more smoke) lol

    attachments are really simple, you see that bowl peice that you pull out when you take in all the smoke?

    you can replace that with other kinds of 'bowls' that do different things. with a slider, you can only have a slider. but that bong has a 14.5 mm glass joint, its alot stronger and airtight and they make alot more accessories for these types of bongs.

  20. I can't tell from the picture. Does the Payday have a carb?

    I clean my pieces pretty regularly, almost every day. I love a clean piece of glass to smoke my weed from. I guess I'll skip an ashcatcher.

    What about percs and diffusers?

    So the accessories are just slides with different functions?

    I once saw the glass paddle hotknife attachment, and thought that was sick.

    I just wish I didn't have to pay $36 for a bong :(

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