Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 15, 2003.

  1. just wondering who's encountered the biggest wannabe.
    Because there this kid i know, whos appsrntly a 'drug dealer' in this other town. but he lack the ability to roll a joint correctly he cant even smoke it the rite way! thats right he managed to light the thin end lol, then (not knowing i did it) said to me,"Have you ever smoked weed?" i replied "proberly not"(knowing he'd spread it round) so then he sed "dont so it man its REALLY bad".
    moving on...
    now he has found out i do it theres no end to the qeustions i get mainly about effects. proberly trying to find out so he coould look kool. Now whenever he sees me he always goes 'Had any weed lately, cos i'm tollatly stoned right now'. I just think to myself how great it is not to have to lie to myself all the time lol

  2. MmmmmHmmmmm...

    lots of those in my town.
  3. there scared but want to be kool they dont realise we can see right thru them
  4. Yeah, I know people like that....they make me sick.
  5. Hvae you seen Malibu's most wanted? That guy is the entire teenage population of where I live.
  6. sucks ass for you!!;)
  7. Why do people strive to be so cool? I dont really see smoking weed as cool, its just something you do.

    Dunno, im just glad I dont have to lie everyday of my life to everyone I encounter just to feel welcome and cool.

  8. Agreed... I'm sure everyone has met a "wannabe" but I learned long ago to just let them be. Your just as bad trying to show him you know the proper way or whatever... Each to his own I say..

  9. Everyones different and the ways we do things, but wannabes i think do it so they can get some attention for so many reasons i.e. get a bigger rep, impress others. They build there self-esteem by makin themselves out 2 be bigger then they actually are. PPL r only like that when there younger, i bet when they grow up and look at themselves in a few years time they'll b like "i can't believe i was like that" cause it just shows immaturaty, like all youngsters are, but all them wannabes will have to grow up someday and realise that there are alot ov negatives by makin yourself look bigger then u actually r.
  10. ^lol agreed^

    i usally do ignor his ignorance but recently its pissed me off beyond anything
  11. yea my stupid ass friend amanda.... i hate her god! she is so stupid, she makes up lies about how sghe used to be this big time bad ass pot head, and i smoked one time with her, and she fucking blew the weed out of the pipe, and the cherry went on the ground..... stupid butch! god! anyways and she says that her grandpa gave her meth, and she said that she took 17 hits of meth, and she said she didnt feel anything because she is too strong for it! god she is so stupid! she makes up storys about getting high too! and sehe never has been i know it!~!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!@ fat ass ugly flat face bitch!
  12. ^^^thats what im talking about

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