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Wanna toke in the house and not be caught? GREEAAAT

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Pukeslot123, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. I've been smoking for about... hmm I think a year and a half, I have managed to get caught by my parents in the past... which have taught me how to RESPONSIBLY smoke in the house on the daily.  I have followed these rules and have never been caught in the act of smoking in the house. 
    What you will need:
    A Sploof
    Your weed, piece, and lighter
    Air freshner
    A portible fan (Optional)
    Duct Tape (Optional)
    This is all going to take place in the bathroom. So head on over there, make sure to do it when your parents/ authority figures are out of the house, sleeping, etc. 
    1). Check the scene 
    If you have any vents make sure to put DUCT TAPE over it, unless you can close the vent. Basically all you need to do is make sure the smoke and smell does not leave that bathroom. If it does, people could smell it and you're screwed. 
    Grab a TOWEL and put it down on the floor so its covering up the door crack. LOCK THE DOOR. You do not want anyone busting. 
    2).  Set everything up 
    After this, put your PORTABLE FAN on the sink counter and turn that sucker on, for later. Its going to at least transport your AIR FRESHENER/ SPLOOF smell around the room, hopefully catching onto things such as towels and make the room smell better than a stoners last resort. 
    Now if you have just started smoking, you probably want to know what a SPLOOF is..
    A sploof is a used paper tower/ toilet paper roll that is fulled with dryer sheets ( Those sheets you put in the dryer), you are going to want to take a hit and then blow out of the side that doesn't have any dryer sheets. It eliminates about 90% of the smell and makes your bathroom smell grate.
    Make your self a sploof and head on down to number 3
    3). TOKE
    You are probably gonna want to use a one hitter or a small sized pipe, load a good sized bowl. Just before you start, turn on the shower and make it decently hot, this will mask the smells and any sounds you make with your lighter. Take a good sized hit and take your sploof and blow into the shower. Do this as many times as you want. 
    Great! You're stoned now!
    4). Taking everything down
    Spray a large amount of spray into your fan or in the room, put all your illegals in the drawer or in your stash can just in case. Hop in the shower so your parents don't think something sketchy is going on. Once you are clean and smell better. Turn of the shower and dry off... duh
    It shouldn't smell at all in the bathroom, if it does; spray something or grab some soap and put it in the sink, running under hot water, should smell better now.
    Clean up now and make sure you left nothing behind. 
    That was how to smoke in the house and get away with it.


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