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  1. Me and some friends wanna start growing we know the basic things we need seeds, soil, pots, and a heat lamp but beyond that is there anything else I need to know?
    Also any good places you'd recommend that would stay close to home my baby nephew and sister are going to be living with me
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  2. None of the basics include a heat lamp. I would stick with grow lights like the rest of us, mh/hps, led. At least t5s or Cfls. Heat lamps are great for warming reptiles or keeping food warm. The Stickies in the beginners section and grow room set up have all the info you need start to finish.
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  3. Thanks, dude. I've been interested in reading this.
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  4. Remember no Miracle Gro soil. Heat lamp? You need an HPS ballast and bulb. This is not the same as a heat lamp. You could also grow with CFLs or LEDs.
  5. not sure what version that one is...some info might be outdated but still a good reference
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