Wanna move abroad.

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  1. Sup all, I'm interested in movin from shitty little Ireland to the States, i know it'd be a complicated process, but i lack any form of a criminal record so hope that helps. Anyway, to the point, what's the standard of living over there and how hard is it to secure employment?
  2. I feel the same way. Although I live in Scotland, United Kingdom, not Ireland. I'd love to move to the States. I'll probably move to London, England though, since I'm free to move there since England and Scotland are joined within the United Kingdom.

    I can't really help you out since I'm British, not American.... but America is a big place. The answers you'll get will vary. For example, employment may be easy to come by in California but not so easy to find in New York State, etc.

    You should provide some more information before anyone tries to help you. What part of the US are you planning on moving to?
  3. It all depends where you want to live, man. I've lived in New Jersey and Texas, and they are two totally different places.
  4. Each state cost more or less to live in depending on what are of the state, or the state in general; Big cities cost more to live at, the outskirts and smaller areas are fairly reasonable; you will have to take a citizenship test; what kind of weather are you looking for?, the farther south you are the warmer it is, you go up north it gets cold; employment is varied by state, some states , jobs are easy to come by, other states, there hard to come by;
  5. Well there is a lot to consider. The states varies as much from coast to coast as the whole of Europe. There is weather, politics, cost, demographic, geography.

    As a whole, the economy is down, as it is everywhere, but with good credentials and a will to work at it, you can find a job. The standard of living is great, which is the biggest thing about the US. Lots of people take this for granted and expect this or that for free, but in general, you work hard, and you will live with everything you need.

    Also, as said earlier, the cost varies a ton. To get a small apartment in a big city you might pay 3 times more than it would cost to get a 3 bedroom place in a smaller town.

    But, if you need an adventure, or just need a break, just do it.
  6. Instead of just moving abroad I'd suggest going on vacation for about a month, maybe two to check out some places in the US to see if that type of lifestyle would even suit you, remember that North America and Europe have two competely different lifestyles.

    Oh and also Canada is an option as well, don't rule that one out.
  7. Ya, Canada is much more European (in the major cities) than the US. If you are looking to keep the Euro lifestyle, that may be a good option. If you want something completely different, hit up a big city. And dont forget about the secondary big cities, Minneapolis, Charlotte, and Austin can be just as good, if not better, than Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas.
  8. As others have already said things vary from state to state. If you're looking for a radical world-flip from ireland look into the southwest. Seems like an opposite of ireland to me lol.

    Whats most important to you? Work and living standards? Because those will depend on your credentials, and are somewhat constant to state to state for those who are educated. If you are looking for just a blue-collar working class job (no judgement btw I know how it is) then you're going to want to find a state that doesn't have high unemployment because this is NOT constant from state to state.

    How important is local nature to you? How important are things like religion/culture in general to you? Because there are lots of varying cultures in different areas of the country.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone, i suppose i'd be looking for weather akin to here "fierce mild" is the term i like to use. In terms of religion or culture im not too bothered about it. Irish culture is different enough from european culture i find. Kind of an everyone knows everyone kind of thing. Canada seems like a good option aswell ^^
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    I kind of hate the states right now because of our economy, but otherwise I love living in new england. The only thing is that its pretty expensive right now with everything all screwed up, now might not be the best time to move to the us. Depending on where you live or what field you work in it can be near impossible to find a job. My dad is looking for a new job and he has his masters, extremely qualified, and intelligent its been three months and he still has no job. A lot of people just aren't hiring.
  11. bring me with youuuuuuuuuuu

    LOL JK, Ireland might be a shitty little dump.. but its my shitty little dump :)
  12. If you move and want to go to a big city go to NYC or San Francisco that's my recommendation.

    Honestly though overall Europe > USA IMO. But SF and NYC are just freaking amazing in every way.

    Expensive as hell though I'd save up some serious $$ first so you can float for a couple months without a job. I got a job easily when I was in the bay area but I'm American so... I dunno man.

    Or you can move to the south where it's dirt cheap but you'll be surrounded by rednecks living in the 19th century :D.

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