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  1. i think its funny to see some of you lame hacks rap
    its not that you suck, you just spit major crap
    if i believed even half the stuff you said, i'd be a loony
    heck i may already be, but at least i wouldn't be fruity
    your raps are garbage, it seems like you smoke crack
    if not, i guess that explains who stole my triple stack
    put the mic down, or in your case the keyboard
    you couldn't get it up even with a street whore
    im sure youll have a list of insults that you can pick from
    hate gays? stick'em in your rap and lets dis'em
    cause its easier to make fun of other people than the system
    stay all day, its not me who has to get your shit done
    but here we are, were all breaking the law
    and youre online acting like your raw
    truth is 2012 is coming up, i know you're scared shitless
    you've never opened your eyes, consider jehovah's witness.

    feel free to pm if you want to convert. there are some great websites
  2. -rep

    this is garbage...

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