wanna grow outdoors in UK

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by D9_THC, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. i just got about a dozen seeds from some bomb skunk and i've decided to grow them!

    i can't do it indoors, so they'll have to be grown outdoors. but the trouble is, i live in England.

    i jst want some info on the best thing to do if i wana get good plants.
  2. go to outdoor forum, and read grOwers outdoor guide.. that should get u started mate...latezz..
  3. What time of year is it remotely hot over there? Anyway U NEED SUN some good soil safe possie and Bobs ya uncle. chronic seeds mmmm should B nice bushes outdoor. Give it a go mate see what Ucome up with? cheak ya Greentoer
  4. probably start at the end of april when spring has got goin.

    yeah we have quite nice summers over here. between May and August it's 20 - 30 degrees celcius. sunny. not exactly tropical, but hey.

    and a good amont of rain too :D

    i read somewhere that 25 degrees is the best temperature.


    anyways. i haven't found anything useful on the net so far. no proper grow-guides like i've found for indoor and hydroponic.

    help me please!


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