Wanna go for a roller coaster ride?

Discussion in 'General' started by XColonelsPrideX, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. you keep finding kickass stuff, fucking nice

    :D :smoke:
  2. wow thats pretty realistic
  3. thanks!! :smoke: Did it make you dizzy? After awhile I started to feel like I was on the ride and got dizzy.
  4. haha damn that was long
  5. haha kinda i guess, i am pretty blazed and was leaning in the chair whichever way the roller coaster went haha felt like i was really on it :D
  6. haha thats awesome, nice find btw
  7. haha thats awesome, nice find btw
  8. You guys should check this out: my friend took this point of view video with his camcorder throughout Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America. He's into that AV stuff, and he's pretty good with it. Terribly against the park rules, but whatever. Some weird music he put in it, not sure why he chose it. Anyways you can see my foot a couple times, like at the beginning of the first drop on the right side of the screen!! lol. Just let it load, it's pretty cool.

    EDIT: Too high to remember to put in video link I guess, here


    Man I plan on getting blasted high out of my mind next week and going on this ride. I have a season pass there, and go every week pretty much... I live close.

    Sorry for bumping an old topic.
  9. its a good topic to bump IMO
  10. yyyyaayyy tokin thinks my thread is worth bumping...

    if I wasnt cool then.. im offically cool now. :cool:
  11. of course you are
  12. :metal::yay:

    im cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps... that video was pretty awsome as well.
  13. im cooler...:D
  14. dude, can you imagine if that were a real roller coaster? like the ride actually lasted that long? people would be throwing up and passing out and barely able to walk when the ride was over. awesome!
  15. There are a few of those rides in Hershey Park PA.

    I took my cousin and TheColonel with me......im not an old foogie... i am in college.. i LOVE roller coasters..

    There are two rides in
    particular i can think of that seemed to last FOREVER.. and after wards I had to sit down and close my eyes... concentrate on breathing. They had to get me water..

    it was too much.


    I have never been so scared.

    the kicker........you wouldnt think a ride at hershey
    park is scary......they trick you.

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