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Wanna get REALLY high? Look here.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blazin420, May 10, 2004.

  1. First I want to say that this is not my original idea. I read about it in the latest issue of "Heads" magazine. This issue is pretty much dedicated to Soma of Soma Seeds. He gives all sorts of tips on growing and smoking. He says this is one of his favorite methods of smoking ganja.

    Sorry, but you have to be a grower in order to do this.

    Step 1:

    Roll a joint. Doesn't have to be too big. I'm here by myself tonight so I'll just roll one the size of a cigarette. I like King Randy's Wired Papers because you don't need a roach clip. ;)

    Step 2:

    Take your fresh rolled joint into your flowering room. Roll the joint around on the frosty leaves. Rub it around good and get most of the joint shiny and sticky.

    Thats all there is to it. Let it sit for a little while and dry up. Otherwise the paper burns wierd cause its wet. Leave it for about 30 minutes. This is what you should have. Nice sticky joint with some hairs stuck to it.
  2. Smoke Report:

    I tried this for the first time today. I don't have any good weed right now. Just some Mexican skunk. Kinda harsh. High lasts about 1 hr 30 minutes. But I rolled up one of these joints at 1:30 pm today and HOLY SHIT!!! I was Fucked up! The high lasted until around 5:00 pm. This one has dried so I'm off to smoke it now. :D

    Happy toking! :)
  3. Hah, I got that issue, also. Awesome little tip. Too bad I don't have any plants to try it on.

    Also, you could probably do the same with a kif box, spread the kif out all nice and good, then roll the joint around in that.

  4. That would probably blow your mind

  5. OR you could get fucking nailed tot he couch by first rolling it on the leaves to get it real sticky, then roll it in the kief. the sticky will make more kief stick

  6. i like rollin kif INSIDE the joint, mix it up with the weed


    that sounds like SUCH and AWESOME idea. mmmm stoned
  8. I'm getting a new grinder with kief catcher this week. I'll try that out. :)
  9. you do that man!!! i hope its as good as it sounds!!
  10. i dont grow so i cant try...could u make a thread on how to make joints using pics...cus i suck @ it but if i see some1 doing it i may get it. :)
  11. I tried it today. It doesn't work very well. The kief sticks, but it burns off too quickly and a lot falls off as well. It kinda felt like I was wasting good kief. Oh well.
  12. ^^^

    My bad. :(
  13. We rub our hands through the bush and then rub them together over a piece of white paper collecting the resin built up on our hands that is pure grade A hash. COOL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. get a flavored wrap, and set it on a clean surface, sticky side up.

    get yourself some honey oil, and with a stick or brush, put on that oil all over the stick side, a quick layer

    get yours keif, and you guess it, slop that all over the honey oil, (keeping in mind to leave the sticky gum)

    then roll up your favorite green, and enoy
  15. wat is kief?
  16. I've been growing a plant outdoors for almost 3 months, and now all of a sudden most of the bottom leaves are turning yellow, and then dying completly. Ive been told that it might be a nitrogen difficiency, so i added nutrients, that didnt help, ive been told that i may be over watering it, so starting today i will water it maybe once every other day. i Just want someone who has had this problem before to help me figure out what the hell is wrong with it. The plant is already about 2 1/2 feet tall and is beginning to smell alot, if that helps any. Someone get back to me.

  17. ditto ... yesterday we had a blunt with some haze, some bud called m5 and some beasters and we put alot of keef in the blunt as well.. needless to say roasted..
  18. this thread makes me want a kief box so baddddd...dammit now im all jealous:(

  19. wrong place to post htis.. but hell i'll try to help you out..

    your cutting BACK to once every other day??? So you were watering it once a day?? that could very well have been the problem..i only water every 3 days or so..try that and see if it helps..what kind of fert are you using? how old is the plant?

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