wanna get hiiiiiigh at great adventure. lil help?

Discussion in 'General' started by LightnUpTheCity, May 11, 2010.

  1. So guys and gals, I'm going to six flags: great adventure in a few weeks and I was wondering if y'all have any nice, as safe as possible, places to smoke. Last time I was there they had the tram type thing that goes pretty much from one side of the park to the other. Anyone know if its still there? I think that's my best bet other than a random nasty ass bathroom or going into the wooded area of the parking lot whenever I want a smoke.

    Thanks blades.
  2. does the six flags your going to have that ride where you get in a cage type thing and it takes you over the whole park? thatd be dope to smoke an l in

  3. I bring in a hubby bar or a couple brownies in when I go out public places.
    -It's safer
    -Doesn't look shady eating a brownie
    -No smell:hello:
  4. [quote name='GaAaG']I bring in a hubby bar or a couple brownies in when I go out public places.
    -It's safer
    -Doesn't look shady eating a brownie
    -No smell:hello:[/QUOTE

    This. Six Flags parks are crowded places, and the one near me has way too much security wandering around. Bake a bunch of brownies and go out to your car for more as needed.
  5. Work there, secuirty gunna catch u if u do it in the park, they alwyas do, just do it b4 u go in the park or get an edible
  6. Damn, that would be awesome. Short ride, but long enough for an l, I guess.
  7. That's NJ boy... you're looking to get popped!

    Marijuana before the day of fun... or via edibles :D Great Adventure is always packed... and NJ - despite passing the MMJ law - is rough on marijuana smokers

  8. Thanks for the info. What's the situation in the parking lot? I'm taking a bus out and I would like to be smacked in the park. Can I just get my hand stamped and go out to a less populated area?
  9. Yea u can get your hand stamped and leave and come back in but even in the parkin lot there is usually secuirty, if its packed, i would do edibles if i was u since u takin a bus theres guna b nowher for u to smoke. Plus in the park their is designated smokin areas, so u will b smokin next to other cigarete smokers who will smell it and might sntich on u. I usually just smoke nearby and then drive to the park.

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