wanna earn a dime bags worth of bud? Just review a bong purchased from GC's store

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    Hey guys got a request here. (hope its not against the rules. This is a legit offer, not some scam, actually im paying YOU..so yeah heh)

    If you have bought a cheap bong from the grasscity store, you qualify. Just need you to review it. Write how the hits are, talk about the design, and craftsmanship. That kinda stuff.

    I dont need some LONG wall of text. Probably just two decent sized paragraphs (150-200 words). I think $10 bucks for that many words is suitable. I really want some honest reviews, nothing phony, looking for first hand experience with the bongs obviously.

    forgot to mention im looking specifically for reviews on bongs that cost $100 or less.

    PM me for contact info/details.
  2. :confused: So youre giving people bud to review bongs?
  3. heh no i dont think that is legal!

    "dime bags worth"


  4. read the body of text before asking stupid questions. He clearly states 10 dollars, which you could purchase 10 dollars of weed with if you would like.
  5. Chill out bro.. That was a question for OP not you

    And I'd be glad to review my bong for free if you'd like

  6. Before you accuse people of illegal activity , you should actually read something. Use your thinking cap, bro. Yes review this bong, please.
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    No accusations made. It was a simple question. Now can this be over? All this rudeness and arguing is unnecessary and we're blowing up ca1n's thread. I'm sorry I offended you.

    Well I'll start with my cheap acrylic. I bought it from GC years ago when i started tokin and I still have it today. They no longer have the same model for sale, but this one is very similar. I paid $18 USD and change + shipping and it came in a few days. Mine is slightly shorter, 16 inches to be precise, and milked, the bong packs a huge punch. My friend gave me a different slide for it and I drilled my own carb in the back. I'd give it a 7/10. It the basics. Cheap, durable, and easy to hide.

    Since then i recently bought a small glass EHLE. You can find it at the GC shop here. I love the thing. Its not that tall but it rips twice as hard as my acrylic. The bud stays well put in the slide it came with. My acrylic sucks it through if its ground too fine.
    The EHLE is awesome tho. 9/10. Well worth $100. The logo is damn cool and the ice notches are wonderful. Theres nothing like an ice-cooled hit. I just get nervous I'm going to knock it over! I'm thinking about getting the glass sea-mine things, I think they may work well with this bong.

    The only better bong I've hit is a 22" ROOR.
    And my friend Gage's. It looks like one of these but it was huge. You set it on the floor and you could hit it while you sat on the couch.

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