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Wanna DO IT BIG my senior prom... suggestions?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hitdablunt04, May 3, 2011.

  1. So, i was thinking of just like getting two blunts of the dankest dank i can find, and sparking them up! i only have about 40 to spend.. anyone got ideas?
  2. Shrooooooooms
  3. u should just chill on some hits from the bong with that dank my friend! u will get 10 times as stoned and the weed will last 10 times as long!
  4. #4 Skunko, May 3, 2011
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    Answered your own question

    Or this
  5. Spend your 40 on the dankest dank you can find and spark two blunts! :hello:
  6. Hate to break it to you, but two blunts is not doing it big...
  7. Take it to Toys R Us and buy yourself a pokemon figurine.

  8. youve been trolling hard lately.....

    SMOKE the BLUNTS man! :smoking:
  9. Haha when I went to my prom me my girl and my friends were in the parking lot hitting the bong almost the whole night. Fun times.
  10. No offense but two blunts is not doing it big by any means
    Using weed as your first drug of choice at Prom is not really doing it big either
    So many other options that would work out better. But we cant discuss other drugs, so use your imagination and contact list
  11. Do edibles man, 2 blunts aint nothing special, thats a typical saturday.
  12. for the 40 id get some THIZZZZZ and you will feel like your doing it big lol
  13. $40 != Doing it big
  14. molly accented with weed will always provide a beautiful dance expierence :hello:
  15. spend all your money on lube, condoms, and roofies
  16. Save the hundreds you'll spend on prom and spend it all on weed and smoke it in one night, that would be doing it big.
  17. I say go thizzed to your prom, prolly make it pretty sweet
  18. about $120 would be doing it medium bro.
    But shit at least you got $40 more than me.
  19. Get drunk that's the way to go for prom
  20. Here's what I would do in your place.

    Get an 8th, make brownies/cookies, feed it to people stealthy and/or secretly, observe the consequences until you have to dip.

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