Wanna date with Jesus?

Discussion in 'General' started by WaterLillyFairy, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. LOL! I saw Jesus on TV last night.
  2. the grahm norton effect.. Me too, that's where I got the addy!!! How funny is that show!!!
  3. I did like Graham Norton until he left us(uk).No i'm joking he is a very funny guy.

    No I don't want to date Jesus I hate beards.
  4. haha i talked to Jesus in an out of body experience one time, but nobody believes me, i was on 900mg of dxm and i smoked a joint and jus laid on my floor under a bright light and i was like sucked up into the clouds and i walked around with Jesus smokin a blunt and then we had a conference with god and satan about where i'm gonna go when i die but i got startled by sumthin fallin and never found otu where i'm goin...

    u prolly dont believe me iether, but seriously it happened haha.

    edit: i meant to make a thread about the cloud people yesterday but i never got around to it, but yesterday i saw this dude walk slowly across the top part of a cloud and into a house, haha it was crazy, no drugs involved either although i do think i was having an acid flashback cuz i looked down and the ground was like breathing slightly.
  5. ^^my friend said he took DXM and said the same thing happened to him, the bright light and talking to god..wow
  6. haha so god does exist ay, i knew he hated me, cuz stuff definitely doesnt go right in my life half as much as i think i deserve it to.... that sucks

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