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wanna build a simple, quick, nice bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Snowy Sessions, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. try this;

    1. take a Yard Glass, fat at tha top and bottom, skinny in tha middle, like this one:

    2. Cut it in half.

    3. Make stem out of Bic pen. With socket attached to top. (Hot Glue Works the best)

    4. Drill Hole fro stem/ bowlpiece

    5. End up With this:

    6. Enjoy!
  2. It looks almost like a homemade Roor :p
  3. Hmm, i think I'll give this a shot.
  4. Hell yeah those thigns work amazing for a homemade bong, i've made a couple of bongs using those.
  5. lol. yeah. its amazing how well it wworks. its tha only bong i got. and i have a lil wood pipe. its cool though. hits nice.
  6. ive made so many of those. i love em haha. cuz once thy get all nasty you can jus throw em out.
  7. who the fuck has a yard glass laying around?

    where could i get one?
  8. lol. im sure you can getm at party stores or like Big Lots or sonthin
  9. Fucking sick and boy am I TOASTED AHAHA!!
    But my friend has a bong like that.
  10. what size socket are you using?

  11. were u get these?
  12. Wow that is simple and quick. How does the plastic hold up on the stem and on the yard cup? Any melting we should be forwarned about? Nice though, gonna have to try it out. I have tons of those cups, got them all from fat tuesdays in las vegas! Lol
  13. i think u need to make a carb hole too
  14. yeah. i have a carb on it. you cant see it though cuz of the angle. and in regards to melting, nothin on it has melted. so its prety stable and overall good. use hot glue to seal the stem and bowl and erything. its airtight and it gives you way bigger hits.
  15. lol! i have that same remote control dude. thats a sweet bong. also, why the hell is there a paper under your socket that says 'condoms'
  16. lol. thats a sticker. free condoms .com. i just put it on there.
  17. #17 ducky2027, Aug 8, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2008
    Just something ive done with a bong like that.

    take your pen pull out the "pen" element. stick that part in the socket.

    then poke holes towards the end of the pen shaft with the end cap still on..

    and wa la!!

    a diffused yard glass bong

  18. I made one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I made it a long ass time ago and use it regulary. I didnt cut it in half so you basiclly stick the entire bottom of your face in the smoke.

    Leave the tube intact!!!! it gets you so fucked up you wouldnt believe. Ive had friends smoke out of it and they were all like. HOLY SHIT, THIS FUCKING PEICE IS INSANE. somehow the hour glass form creates negitive pressure in the tube so its like injecting smoke into the lungs.
  19. i would have kept the entire neck on it and made it a beast bong.
  20. It's like a homemade RooR Lil Sista :D

    nice homemade, dude. I've made a waterfall outta one of those things, except it was shaped funny and I got it from Cedar Point.

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