Walter Williams: The true plight of black Americans

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  1. While it might not be popular to say in the wake of the recent social disorder, the true plight of black people has little or nothing to do with the police or what has been called “systemic racism.” Instead, we need to look at the responsibilities of those running our big cities.

    Some of the most dangerous big cities are St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Newark, Buffalo and Philadelphia. The most common characteristic of these cities is that for decades, all of them have been run by liberal Democrats. Some cities — such as Detroit, Buffalo, Newark and Philadelphia — haven’t elected a Republican mayor for more than a half-century. On top of this, in many of these cities, blacks are mayors, often they dominate city councils, and they are chiefs of police and superintendents of schools.

    In 1965, there were no blacks in the U.S. Senate, nor were there any black governors. And only six members of the House of Representatives were black. As of 2019, there is far greater representation in some areas — 52 House members are black. Nine black Americans have served in the Senate, including Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts, Carol Moseley Braun and Barack Obama of Illinois, Tim Scott of South Carolina, Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Kamala Harris of California. In recent times, there have been three black state governors.

    The bottom line is that today’s black Americans have significant political power at all levels of government. Yet what has that meant for a large segment of the black population?

    Democratic-controlled cities have the poorest-quality public education despite their large, and growing, school budgets. Consider Baltimore . In 2016, in 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not a single student scored proficient on the state’s math exam. In six other high schools, only 1% tested proficient in math. Only 15% of Baltimore students passed the state’s English test. That same year in Philadelphia only 19% of eighth-graders scored proficient in math, and 16% were proficient in reading. In Detroit, only 4% of its eighth-graders scored proficient in math, and 7% were proficient in reading. It’s the same story of academic disaster in other cities run by Democrats.

    Violent crime and poor education is not the only problem for Democratic-controlled cities. Because of high crime, poor schools and a less pleasant environment, cities are losing their economic base and their most productive people in droves.

    When World War II ended, the population of Washington, D.C., was about 800,000; today, it’s about 700,000. In 1950, Baltimore’s population was almost 950,000; today, it’s around 590,000. Detroit’s 1950 population was close to 1.85 million; today, it’s down to 673,000. The population of Camden, N.J., in 1950 was nearly 125,000; today it has fallen to 74,000. St. Louis’ 1950 population was more than 856,000; today, it’s less than 294,000. A similar story of population decline can be found in most of our formerly large and prosperous cities. In some cities, the population decline since 1950 is well over 50%, and that includes Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

    Academic liberals, civil rights advocates and others blamed the exodus on racism — “white flight” to the suburbs to avoid blacks. But blacks have been fleeing some cities at higher rates than whites. The five cities whose suburbs have the fastest-growing black populations are Miami, Dallas, Washington, Houston and Atlanta. It turns out that blacks, like whites, want better and safer schools for their kids and don’t like to be mugged or have their property vandalized. And like white people, if they have the means, black people cannot wait to leave troubled cities.

    White liberals and black politicians focus most of their attention on what the police do, but how relevant is that to the overall tragedy? According to Statista, this year, 172 whites and 88 blacks have died at the hands of police. To put police shootings in a bit of perspective, in Chicago alone in 2020 there have been 1,260 shootings and 256 homicides with blacks being the primary victims. That comes to one shooting victim every three hours and one homicide victim every 15 hours. Three people in Chicago have been killed by police. If one is truly concerned about black deaths, shootings by police should figure way down on one’s list — which is not to excuse bad behavior by some police officers.

    Sauce 1: Walter Williams: The true plight of black Americans |
    Extra spicy sauce: All It Takes Is Guts by Walter E. Williams

    Who in their right mind votes Democrat? Please dispute any of this.
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  2. Who Are the Racists?, by Walter E.Williams

    Former presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke said that racism in America is "foundational" and that people of color were under "mortal threat" from the "white supremacist in the White House." Pete Buttigieg chimed in to explain that "systemic racism" will "be with us" no matter who is in the White House. Senator Cory Booker called for "attacking systemic racism" in the "racially biased" criminal justice system.

    Let's follow up by examining Booker's concern about a "racially biased" criminal justice system. To do that, we can turn to a recent article by Heather Mac Donald, who is a senior fellow at the New York-based Manhattan Institute. She is a contributing editor of City Journal, and a New York Times bestselling author. Her most recent article, "A Platform of Urban Decline," which appeared in Manhattan Institute's publication Eye On The News, addresses race and crime. She reveals government statistics you've never read before.

    According to leftist rhetoric, whites pose a severe, if not mortal, threat to blacks. Mac Donald says that may have once been true, but it is no longer so today. To make her case, she uses the latest Bureau of Justice Statistics 2018 survey of criminal victimization. Mac Donald writes: "According to the study, there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide) between blacks and whites last year, including white-on-black and black-on-white attacks. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10 percent. That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012-13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent. From 2015 to 2018, the total number of white victims and the incidence of white victimization have grown as well."

    There are other stark figures not talked about often. According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting for 2018, of the homicide victims for whom race was known, 53.3% were black, 43.8% were white and 2.8% were of other races. In cases where the race of the offender was known, 54.9% were black, 42.4% were white, and 2.7% were of other races.

    White and black liberals, who claim that blacks face a "mortal threat" from the "white supremacist in the White House" are perpetuating a cruel hoax. The primary victims of that hoax are black people. We face the difficult, and sometimes embarrassing, task of confronting reality.

    Mac Donald says that Barack Obama's 2008 Father's Day speech in Chicago would be seen today as an "unforgivable outburst of white supremacy." Here's what Obama told his predominantly black audience in a South Side church: "If we are honest with ourselves," too many fathers are "missing — missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men." Then-Senator Obama went on to say, "Children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison."

    White liberals deem that any speaker's references to personal responsibility brands the speaker as bigoted. Black people cannot afford to buy into the white liberal agenda. White liberals don't pay the same price. They don't live in neighborhoods where their children can get shot simply sitting on their porches. White liberals don't go to bed with the sounds of gunshots. White liberals don't live in neighborhoods that have become economic wastelands. Their children don't attend violent schools where they have to enter through metal detectors. White liberals help the Democratic Party maintain political control over cities, where many black residents live in despair, such as Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago.

    Black people cannot afford to remain fodder for the liberal agenda. With that in mind, we should not be a one-party people in a two-party system.

    We cant AFFORD to fall prey to primitive hysteria. We must analyze information and apply critical thinking.

    One side is trying keep whats left of the economy on life support and keep it alive. The other side is burning down its own cities. The ones that arent burned down have an over abundance of hiv soups and human waste. Do we want more of that for the rest of the country?
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  3. Good luck getting far with this. 'You're a racist' and we're off.
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  4. Numbers aren't racist.
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  5. The welfare state is counterproductive

    “Please don’t feed the animals”

    My opinion encompasses all

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  6. “But if we are honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that what too many fathers also are is missing — missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men. And the foundations of our families are weaker because of it.

    You and I know how true this is in the African-American community. We know that more than half of all black children live in single-parent households, a number that has doubled — doubled — since we were children. We know the statistics — that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home or become teenage parents themselves. And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.”

    Hold on to your britches sally, quoted from the prepared text of the Father's Day speech by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, as released by his campaign

    Does this need to be reiterated

    Bingo bango bongo, this flagrant hypocritical thinking is redonculous

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  7. There's no difference between the democrat party and the republican party apart from pure optics. Both parties couldn't give a fuck about the peasants, their role is merely to protect corporations and the Uber wealthy. We are merely fodder for their money printing machines. Politicians by their very nature are self serving, this does not just apply to the US but the whole world.
    Racism exists everywhere, not just the US.

    The points you've raised about traditionally black neighborhood's emptying and people moving out is one of the major setbacks that those that are left behind face. Poor neighborhood's suffer when the educated and business owners leave, by sucking the success stories out of these communities those that are left behind suffer.

    The black politicians that have succeeded in the US are mainly those that have as we say in Ireland "took the soup", as in they've submitted to the political party they've joined and been neutered. By joining these parties they've sold out and made themselves totally ineffective.

    As for the police in the US not being a problem, this is not correct. The police and particularly the police unions are totally corrupt and out of control. They are Uber aggressive and see any young black man as a potential criminal. Their motto seems to be guilty until proven innocent and adopt this approach when engaging.

    Look at US prisons, the US has 5% of the world's population but 25% of the world's prisoners. Land of the free? When slavery was abolished in the US the prison system became the new tool used to subjugate blacks. There's tons of examples and research online which shows clearly that a young black man up for the same crime as a young white man will face a much harsher sentence from the justice system which is a racist institution.
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  8. "Both parties couldn't give a fuck about the peasants"


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  9. Didn't you get the memo? Facts don't matter anymore. only feelings do.
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  10. Funny how this post just brushed under the rug.

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  11. All this bullshit, because someone's team has to win. And how stupid do you have to be to root for the other team? Eh?

    (Except there's no "other team". Everyone's a loser together! USA!!!)
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  12. I see nothing changing until a solution is available to put money into black communities infrastructure for safer schools, decent paying jobs, safer neighborhoods, less drug sales, less crime etc.
  13. So more policing then?
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  14. No no no
    “Everyone” should get free government stuff without government laws being enforced by those who enforce them
    Come on get with 2020

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