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walt dineys the devil

Discussion in 'General' started by deltaco, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. i dont know if im the first person to notice but if you get a chance to watch toy story 2 when andy comes back from cowboy camp and woody is on the top shelf cuz hes broken hes leaning on an 8 ball and it has dust on it and it looks like coke and woody looks all fucked up. an 8 ball and white powder...seems like subliminal messege shit to me. i was all tripped out cuz i was pretty faded at the time. just thought id let you all know
  2. del taco's macho burritos are great. veggie burritos too. they got good nachos. :D ooo and the caesadillas.. (spelled way-the-fuck wrong)
    mmmm del taco..
  3. Walt disneys dead dood.
  4. quesadillas.. :)

    and it's the animator who put in all that shit... i mean how do you explain to a kid a naked lady in one of those down under movies??

  5. You could say the exact same thing about Micheal Jackson

  6. he looks like the guy in my signature picture
  7. alrighty..first off...disneys dead..i dunno about this mr diney you speak of..but walt disney is dead....

    secondly...walt did coke?..never knew, thought he would be against the sort of thing having grown up in a shitty abusive household and being religious...who knew

    third...even if disney was alive, he still wouldn't be to blame for the subliminabowl messagesin his movies..his names on the movie, but hes got other cronies to do the cute little animations...

    fourth...micheal jackson is not a pedophile, but hes deranged and has a funky form o melanoma...give whitey a break!
  8. Man nubbin i do no like that freaky avatar, i had to cover it up cos its too freaky when stoned.

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