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    So I'm stopped at a red light and there's a bus shelter on the corner with several people waiting.  This elderly Asian lady comes over to the car on the passenger side.  I roll down the window to see what she wants.
    " Walmart" she said in broken English.  Then she asks " dat way" while pointing down the road.
    "Yes" I replied. "It's that way about two miles".
    Then she did something that took me by surprise.
    She smiled and reached down and opened the car door! :eek:<span style="color:rgb(0,100,0);"> </span>
    Then she turns around and calls out something while gesturing to come.
    Her friend comes half running towards the car and jumps in to rear seat!
    They're both smiling and saying " Tank you, tank you!
    By now I'm looking for the camera.  I figure I'm being set-up for a "Just For Laughs" prank show.
    So I assess the situation.  I gotta make a decision because the light has turned green.
    It's either ask them to get out or keep driving.
    I figure they're too old and innocent looking to be of any danger, so I said what the heck, it's on my way home, and I'd have something to talk about when I got home. :confused_2:<span style="color:rgb(0,100,0);"> </span>
    So I drove to the Wally Mart and let them off.

  2. Very classy. Approved.
  3. Old & innocent ? You mean experienced & secretly a slut .. You missed out op , you could've had a threesome aha jk
  4. Ha Ha. :devious:

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