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    K i have a interview at walmart tomorrow and i need a job reaaaallly bad and i don't want to screw this up...its for a stocker btw.

    any tips on how i can make the interview go better and what should i wear? should i wear a shirt, tie, and dress pants? or just a dress shirt and khakis?:confused:

    this is my biggest dilema because ive read that i should wear a shirt and tie but other people are saying just a dress shirt and decent pants will do..

    any help/information is appreciated
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    There are links on google about how to conduct yourself during an interview.

    Its best to over dress rather than under dress.
    Kahkis and a nice collared shirt or coat.(Sometimes outfits are good subjects for other peoples opinions, ask who you can) Obviously clean cut, smell good but not overbearing. No cologne, do not chew gum, and if you smoke or drink anything, dont due so before. (obviously)
    I would take this time to do research online;
    "the 10 most frequently asked questions in an interview"
    "Body language during an interview"
    Whatever they ask you tell them yes youll do it, even if you dont really want to.
    "will you work weekends?"
    "will you work nights"
    Can you lift over 50 pounds"
    Have an updated boastful but true resume with you, and hand it over first thing.
    Be ready to tell them your 3 best attributes, (Your tardy, get along well with others, and strive to do good work) and your 3 worst attributes, but when you tell them the worst 3, make them non relateable to the job.
    Eye contact is key.
    Good luck, dont they stock graveyard?
  3. When he asks what you see yourself doing in the future, don't say doing your wife.

    Or his son. :p
  4. Pull a Peter Griffin outta your ass :)

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