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  1. Everything here was purchased at a local walmart, under 100$ to build
    Shelf, lights, pots, soil, fan and thermometer....Help me plz (2) 5000k 100w equivalent daylight CFL's (1) Lights of America 24" grow light 7000k / total of 4293 lumens for 1 plant. Seed at 5/28 to Current 6/11......opinions and suggestions plz.

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    Get a 5 gallon Rubbermaid tub, a dual output air pump,air line and air stone a plastic butter dish with 300 holes drilled into it some lava rock and miracle grow plant food and you can have a ghetto hydro set up for $25 more.
    Also I want to say RIGHT ON for just going for it and giving it a grow. Some people talk and some people jump right in with what they can.

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