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  1. Hey guys! New on here, so if this is in the wrong place, I'm sorry. But I was looking for a little bit of advice on how I'd go about putting up walls for a grow room.

    Attached are the dimensions and shape of the room. So the bottom-most wall is completely open (just the frame) and about half of the right-most wall is just the frame as well. If it was up to me, I'd just nail some mold resistant plywood to the frame to section it off from the rest of the unfinished basement. But where I live, I would need to get a building permit to nail anything to the studs, so that's not really an option. Does anyone have any ideas on separating this room from the rest of the basement without needing a building permit?

    Keep in mind smell is not an issue and I have everything else planned out, I just need a way to separate this room from the rest of the area in order to make it easier to heat, humidify, and keep the air clean and contaminant free. The 3'8" wall is the door, and the two 13" walls are already up (it is the corner of the basement). The bottom-most 10" wall is the one that is completely open, and the other 10" wall is the one that's half open.

    Also, the fuse box for my house is in this room. I don't think humidity would be an issue, but if anyone has any ideas on somehow humidity-proofing my fuse box, I'd greatly appreciate that as well, just in case. Cheers!

    P.S.- if I can't get this area to work, there are other options in my basement. But this is probably my best, cheapest option, considering 2.5 walls are already up and the other 1.5 is framed, so I can just attach whatever onto that. All the other spots don't have frames and instead are just open sections of the basement.

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  2. ive made partitions out of pvc pipe for the frame and then some cheap poly film strung to it. pretty easy to make and theyre lightweight

    personally ive messed around with wood trying to make stuff for my various grow rooms but its a pain in the ass unless you have experience and all the saws and tools. if you have studs in place but no actual wall up id get a poly film, aka panda film, and staple or thumbtack it to the studs.
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  3. Buy a roll of Panda plastic and a staple gun and go to town. Goes up relatively fast/easy. Comes down the same way.
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  4. Smart thinking. Honestly I'm pretty surprised that didn't occur to me earlier, it seems so simple but so perfect! Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure that's what I am going to do. My only issue is retaining heat, given how thin the plastic is. But I'm sure it won't be that big of an issue, and if anything, I could throw a portable heater in and put it on a timer.
  5. i havent had a "too cold" issue yet and i grow in my unfinished basement as well. its pretty nice in the summer though lol Id say my ambient temp is 65.

    is that what youre thinking? humidity is the biggest issue i think. make sure you have a dehumidifier rated for the floor space.

    you could make a big tent though. cube off like 6x6 out of that room. and leave the rest open so you can work under normal lighting and have all your gear. but im just high and dreaming of what id do lol
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  6. The plastic walls will hold in more heat than you think. I had a hidden 10 x 10 bloom...a 5 x 5 veg space...and a 2 x 4 clone space in the crawlspace at my old house for 20+ years made from panda plastic and it worked incredibly well.

    One tip I'll pass along after growing in a cold basement myself for awhile is to >insulate< your buckets from the cold floor. Set them up on >something<....bricks....pieces of blue foam insulation/etc. The cold transfers from the floor into the bucket and slows growth.

    best of luck!
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  7. Bonne idée, mon ami! Glad to know heat won't be an issue. One would assume the lights of a grow room would produce enough heat, right? lol.
    So humidity would be an issue? I have a dehumidifier that I wouldn't mind using, so that's not a problem. But I am slightly worried about that fuse box and humidity.
  8. I think its more of a use as necessary. My basement gets kind of wet when it rains. i need to reseal the brick walls. just get a humidity meter and do what you need to do, ya know

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