Wallabie's getting stoned and creating crop circles

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  1. Crop Circles Created By Wallabies 'Stoned' On Opium, Australian Officials Say

    Some people believe space aliens are responsible for those bizarre patterns found in farmland known as crop circles. Others are now saying the culprits are actually spaced-out critters.
    Australia grows 50 percent of the world's legal opium, and you might be a bit shocked to learn what it does to the local wildlife.
    Wallabies have been eating the crops and essentially getting "high as a kite," according to an Australian official who talked to the BBC. The marsupials are eating the poppies that grow on the plants, which are used to make painkillers like morphine.
    But what they do next is even more bizarre.
    The hopped-up creatures often walk around in the fields, creating crop circles that initially confused farmers, The Global Post reported. It's not just the wallabies having a good time inflicting damage on the medical crops -- sheep have also been seen tramping on the crops, The Post reported.
    In other places, crop circles are hard to explain phenomenon, and some people believe that they're evidence that aliens have visited Earth.
    The addled behavior of wild wallabies became a topic of discussion during a hearing on poppy field security in the Tasmania state parliament.
    It turns out the animal kingdom is crawling with its fair share of stoners. Reindeer are said to seek out "magic" mushrooms to escape the reality of long, harsh winters, according to one researcher. The hallucinatory fungi apparently have the same effect on them as they do on humans.
    In fact, whole books have been written on the subject of animals' drug use. David Linden's book, The Compass of Pleasure: How Our Brains Make Fatty Foods, Orgasm, Exercise, Marijuana, Generosity, Vodka, Learning, and Gambling Feel So Good, recently took a closer look at how animals consume whatever they can get their paws and beaks on in order to get high.

    Crop Circles Created By Wallabies 'Stoned' On Opium, Australian Officials Say




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  2. Thats fuckin nuts
  3. This was already posted, but I don't remember where.

    Ridiculous to say crop circles are from Wallabies getting stoned. Still going with my opinion that Aliens have done this, they should be recognized that they make crop circles.

    Aliens not Wallabies.
  4. what about alien wallabies?
  5. And it suddenly all became clear...
  6. Be careful when feeding them, they get real rowdy. And I mean REAL ROWDY.
  7. And they say the conspiracy theorists are crazy

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