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*walks into room*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. *sits down at computer*

    *lights bowl*


    *has coughing spasm*

    *does it again*

    *ponders why he took vacation to work on truck*

    *ponders why he wound up working on bathroom sink*

    *ponders when he will patch up hole in wall*

    *lights another bowl*

    *decides he should quit hanging with stoners in the City and go fix the wall before wife gets home*

    *after she walks thru door he decides to smoke a bowl with her and keep her away from the bathroom for awhile*
  2. no pondering about telling her how to pee more quietly eh? :p
  3. Try duct tape and WD40 yet?

  4. That cures all problems BPP.
  5. Oh and Smokie is in trouble.

    BH *runs out of this thread before patch throws skillets*
  6. Why is there a hole in the wall? Is it where Patch threw the last skillet at you and missed?
  7. Patch don't miss when she throws the skillet.

    The "house" I live in, (and I use that term loosely, "carpeted shed" may be more appropriate) has been here since 1902. So things like plumbing and wiring are always a party when it comes time put on a Bob Vila buzz.

    She actually took it pretty well, what with her being a woman and all.:p

  8. Tell Patch that I said "High" and to go ahead and throw a skillet at you for me!!!!
  9. Look out Smokie!!! RMJL is on a no-smoking PMS!!! lol
  10. Done shooed her out the door. She's hanging with the Rainbow crowd tonight. They're doing some tie-die stuff and maybe getting ready to start a travling religion.
  11. *walks into room*
    *sits down at computer*

    *lights bowl*


    *thought okie smoked his weed in the bathroom,hehe*...what did ya do move the compuer in there?



    Living with 3 womenfolk, I am officially certified in the practice of PMS intervention. No matter what kind.

    RMJL...........Listen carefully

    Yes, dear.

    Whatever you say love of my life, reason for my being, one who can make my bellybutton hairs curl.

    It was all my fault.

    You're beautiful when your nostrils flare like that.

    Did it work?
  13. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hiya Higha!

    Well you know how it is when you got these slowass dail-ups!

    Ya got to wait and wait!

    Might as well do something while you wait!
  15. LMAO! You guys are too funny!
    It might have worked had I not been laughing so hard!

    Higha, you really do have a good memory! I forgot about Okie's bathroom adventure!

    Bud Head, I am not going through no-smoking PMS. Say it again and die!!!!! ;)
  16. umm...


    im stoned

    and this is my friend


  17. Damn girl i just teasing.. Hey I i wish you good karma on you not smoking for a few days. You can do it and we all know you can! No sugars will be the hard thing.. Every thing has sugars it it..!

  18. Thanks Bud Head....I was teasing too! You know I love you!!!!

  19. Thats pretty funny!!..HAHA shit...i wass forget what i was taking about...wake & bakes are fantastic at noon

  20. darn boy your so lucky...btw that explains THAT smell....

    all we got is a stack of national geographics an a gamboy.
    *heres a cute image madam curly hair sittin on her 'melmo potty looking at a magazine way beyond her years*
    although im tellin you she's a smart one! maybe she really is reading them :D

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