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    On this day 40 years ago Sony released the Walkman, it was a portable cassette player that changed listening habits by allowing people to listen to music on the move.

    It was devised by Sony cofounder Masaru Ibuka, who felt Sony's existing portable player was too unwieldy and expensive.
    A prototype was built from a modified Sony Pressman, a compact tape recorder designed for journalists.
    A model that is highly sought after is Sony’s TPS-L2. It was the world’s first mass-produced Walkman – the one where it all began.(above)
    It was launched in 1979 and is recognisable by its blue and silver casing. You might have spotted the TPS-L2 in Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. The main character, Peter Quill (played by Chris Pratt), uses the Sony Walkman to listen to a mixtape he received from his mother when he was a child. Although Quill is in a far away galaxy and surrounded by advanced technology, he prefers the vintage cassette player. The movie boosted the popularity of the Walkman and thanks to this retro revolution, prices skyrocketed. They can fetch a few hundred, up to even a thousand euros!

    I know as I swapped 2 Lada's for mine and that was when they were still available
    these days these babes have been replaced by the cell phone.

    Walkman - Wikipedia
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. This post sent me on a twenty minute, futile, search for my portable tape.
    I missed the Walkman, but I was dead-serious with this;
    Stolen photo.
    I'm SURE I have it somewhere;
    broken, but I'd never toss it.
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  4. My first music machine was one of these.. it cost a fortune...I was so proud???
    to be honest I only had one sample tape 'Hits of Duke Ellington' but hey back then I was serious USSR!

    then it got stolen was so pissed then later got me a Walkman...this I cherished
    and not one commercial cassette ever went into it ...lol

    just DIY tapes copied of the US Forces Radio in W-Germany
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  5. I do believe that one other person who worked at an unnamed radio station in NYC has one;
    I must write and ask.
    They were the 'cat's meow' for journalists...
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  6. I was born in 1987 so I had cassettes but also cd's came out not too long after i was old enough to have my own music player lol
    I definitely remember making mixtapes on tape by recording songs i liked from the radio though.
    i had one of those. mine was destroyed in a house fire otherwise i probably never would have gotten rid of it either.
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  7. You never forget your first...
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  8. And when I worked, I worked with these;
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  9. i remember when i was really young and discovered (with my brothers) that we could record our voices!
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  10. Read the thread title and was like “what were portable CD players like 40 years ago?”

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  11. Actually, I found that very funny....
    There WAS a CD player later on.....
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  12. Last surviving example Russian too ...*facepalm*..*facepalm*
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  13. Shoutout to the days of sitting by the radio waiting to hit record on a blank tape.

    Still have a walkman CD player, and a radio.
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  14. I wonder .. do peeps still do that?
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  15. I knew a girl who used to still listen to cassettes in the 2010's
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  16. I still used one as recently as 2007. I'd sold my mp3 player at the time and needed SOME tunes at work, so I dug out the mixtapes and the fuckin walkman.
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  17. Lmao @ the fucking leather case! I remember this so well. I got cash as a Christmas gift when I was about 13, and bought my own tape recorder from Kmart. It was a Panasonic.
  18. My dad had an AKAI..that thing was fucking awesome! Had an old pioneer one too. Whenever he got a LP, he would play it only 1x (or maybe 2x) and THAT'S IT. He would record the LP to his reel to reel and listen off that. He also had an affinity towards the Maxell Metal/Chrome cassette tapes (XL XLII, or whatever they were).
  19. Is that a Studer?

    edit: my bad-- Scully.
  20. Whoa.... well done; not many would know...
    Yes, that's a Scully 280 two stack.
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