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Walking to smoke a j

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CasperTheTokerGhost, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. So i have a high tolerance from dabbing 8 months straight, a couple breaks in between those months. i wanna get it down. And i need marijuana to help me eat. I went a week and barely ate. its my medicine.

    I thought why not go to weed for a bit. Its cheaper and get me more than buzzed from dabs (ime weed is a strong nice buzz/high when it comes to high tolerance). I havent ever learned to roll. I use my bong and bowl, and it stinks my house.

    I thought why not go outside, its nice and warm out, and smoke a j while skating down a few blocks. I know some spots but i cant always go. Im in a non legal state. This is why its an issue. All ill have on me is a lighter after i smoke a j. . Have any of you guys done this or do this? i hear some people will just walk around so i think skating on a penny board would add to the fun.

    Good idea?

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  2. Done this plenty in non legal states, I mean don't walk around during like prime time if there's lots of kids outside playing, maybe find a nice trail or something or go for a twilight walk around the neighborhood if it's quiet. Also if there is a decent spot you can just sit and chill for a minute and burn one that's always nice. We used to go walk around the park and smoke then go sit down by the lake and sit on a tree and watch the sunset and burn another. No one really will bother you if your being discreet and respectful of their space/ least in my experience wouldn't doubt there's some not cool people who just like to cause trouble for people, few and far between though.
  3. Legal states don't allow for public cannabis use.
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  4. I've had no problems walking about in parks and such as long as it's not busy. Use common sense and keep your eyes out just in case.

    p.s. you can never go wrong with a j and a nice walk
  5. you know the criminal justice system is fucked when people have to stop smoking plants to use harder drugs because they don't want the smell to offend non-drug users. since when did dabbing become the new norm for "smoking weed?" dabs are not flowers, don't fool yourself.

    but let's talk legality of being afraid. Be VERY afraid. Johnny law will come get you. Or just raise your due process fingers to the law and tell them "WE HATE YOU!"
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  6. The hell are you talkin about?^^^^Weed and dabs are basically the same thing dude, dabs are just concentrated..... Unless you get shitty butane oil lol then it's bad for you

    But honestly OP this is a bit of a pathetic thread, if you really need to search it up and ask on the internet if it's cool to smoke a joint in your neighborhood, then I think you need to get outside more or something bro...

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  7. Walking to smoke a joint is pretty common. Just stay away from people and keep moving. Nobody will ever know or care.
  8. Occasionally I get high and think of movies. Sorry if I have a wild imagination lol.

    but liek safety first. then teamwork.
  9. 1. I dont think you have room to judge.
    2. For me, Non legal + dank smell = minor paranoia so i see what others say.
    3. Didnt know making a thread to see what others say is such a problem.
  10. Like that nike guy once said. Just do it!
  11. To help a blade out, you are only a suspicious character if you are a black (male) in public walking with your hands visible. Then, and only then, is there reasonable doubt to stop you and question your status of being outside.
  12. I stepped outside to smoke myself a j.

    Sound's right.

  13. I do it all the time. The cops aren't looking or even interested in you. If you wanna skate and toke go for it. Most people won't care of you're smoking unless you do so in front of their kids or something. The less paranoid you are the less suspicious you look.

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