Walking to my spot... found 100 young plants!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Salguod, May 19, 2010.

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    So I have detailed this more in my grow journal but I basically found about 100 young plants less than 100 feet from my grow spot.

    If these look familiar to anyone on GC, rest assured we can share this great spot!! :wave:

    Kinda worried it is organized crime. Don't wanna get my ass killed over some clones =/



  2. lol thats a lot of clones. they look a bit rough but damn thats crazy ha
  3. Use this too your advantage, If you see someone going there, follow them, and ask them if you could share the spot, they will not refuse, because, you could eaisly get them in alot of shit.

    Or, if your a dick, steal a few plants. Remember though, Karma's a bitch.
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    I think he must be going there at night because they appeared in a really small time period and that's a lot of plants to carry during the day. I go in the day cause I only have 1 plant :) But I will do this if I ever see him and it doesn't look like he's carrying a gun.
  5. thats crazy !!!
  6. I to when I went back to my spot where I had planed to plant my sprouts but when I went back there I found that someone had already planted a few plants there. No 100 however.
  7. :eek:dude if your plants aren't in the ground move now! if they are post up & find out who other grower is . he will b able 2 smell your patch during flowering .his grow could lead others to yours (i.e.rip offs,cops,hunters ...etc..) unless it's someone u know & trust get him to move elswhere .i can help u with ideas that have worked in the past.
  8. find a remoter spot!

  9. Probably a good idea, Id be more likely go run into a cougar at my spot than another person !

  10. Yeah.. well I'm only growing one plant, and he's growing 100. It is in the ground already, and I think I'll keep it there, test my luck. My spots pretty good.. I'll just hope it works out, I wouldn't be too upset about losing my one plant tho.

    I don't really want to confront someone who is growing 100 plants either. Can't see that going well.
  11. SAL you are a good person, never touch em and leave the area. dont plant there and tell no one where it is, if you do you will loose a big grow of your own cuz Karma really is a bitch!!! really!!
  12. wouldn't it be something if he was on here and was like holy shit those are mine! and you two grew the monsters in harmony hahaha
  13. that is a serious commercial grow. get a small pot, dig up your plant and get the hell away.
  14. you be supirsed
  15. I agree with leaving the area, it seems like the amount risk to be had, outweighs benefits of keeping one plant. If it IS organized crime then staying around to spy on them and see whats happening is not going to help your case should you get caught.

    Plus the fore-mentioned fact that its going to attract attention to your single plant, how bad would that suck to come and see all plants including yours gone, or to accidentally come up on cops in the process of taking everything down.

    I personally think its a grower like yourself, only they are thinking quite a bit larger than you. but its not worth the paranoia and nerves.
  16. NOOO! #1)gun will probably b concealed!

    yeah i had one 2 days ago 15' from my water scource! :eek:AWESOME...but scary too...:D

    :confused:u don't to b the first one to come to mind if he gets ripped off either:mad: i'd move :smoke:
  17. TRUTH!!!


    unfortunatly you'd be the one surprised at where cop's ,hunters, rip offs,..etc. will go!
  18. WTF how'd u find my spot?????
  19. Definitely move. You probably don't want someone with a 100 plants seeing you anywhere near them.

    Also, just because you're a nice guy and didn't take any plants... that doesn't mean you're not going to step in a bear trap or something one of these days on the way to your single plant.

    If you're still going through with it... assume he's someone that won't think twice about putting a bullet in you and watch your step. If he's the type that would watch you to see where you live, you could be putting more than just yourself at risk... over one plant.
  20. Haha that's pretty tit dude, I wouldn't stick around there long though, maybe grab a few pots and scoot.

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