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  1. Hi,
    Very nice site, I live in Durban, South Africa, next to the Indian Ocean, very hot here now at 4.00am, just waiting for the sun to rise, take my dogs for a walk on the beach, next half hour. Temp now 28c, water temp 26c, sun rise at 4.30,
    no wind going to be a very hot day, but lovely. Got some beautiful shots of the sun rising from the east, sorry about that, forgot that is now your winter.
  2. Hi, welcome to THE City....

    PS. It's cold and wet here!
  3. Hmm..It went from no snow on the ground yesterday, to 8 inches of Snow on the ground this morning.. It sucks cause now i gotta go shovel my driveway (dont know why since the radio and T.V. say dont anyone leave there houses for a while
  4. welcome to the city , what can i say about england...Rain, Rain, Rain

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