Walking the desert of no weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zeneb, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. I am totaly getting down i moved out here and promised me mates i wudnt do no weed (as u guys all say out here). so i aint done nowt for 4 mths but it is so damn borring so i am gonna take it up again the prob is i aint got a scene out here that does it. so i am gonna end up like a saddo doing it all by my tot unles i go down to dc
  2. Hmm... that really sucks.

    Do you live in the middle of nowhere or somethin???
  3. soz either the net or me moms laptop totally got screwed up and i aint been able to reply. i moves to bowie in maryland it is a quite in way plus it is a "nice erea" get me. It is hard getting used to life out ere. so asl lol in a way i am glad my net messed up yesterday cos i wud have posted u a crap reply and made meself sound like the bitchy type of gal instead of the person i am.
    oh and i have more words for list dope and gear.
    ok l8ez
  4. i just realised u got dope cos thats what we used to call it back home in my old erea you know how it is everywhere is diff

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