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  1. So there's obviously a lot of fans of the show here, so I suspect there are some comic fans too. This thread is for us to discuss it without spoiling upcoming events in the show for people and to maybe get some more people into reading them. They're easy to find. You can find them in comic stores, Barns and Noble, or you can download them off the net.

    Seriously, they're fucking good. I don't like comics so I wasn't expecting too much but they pulled me in hard.
  2. thank you for trying to divert spoilers into this thread.
  3. So uh, which issue are they on and when does the next come out?

    The latest I have read was 93 I think. The one where the Jesus guy is introduced. He seems like a badass so far. I hope he becomes a regular character.

    So far I think Rick is my favorite character. He's fucking crazy haha. There have been moments with him that where borderline disturbing, which is hard to pull off in a comic. I can't wait to see what becomes of him. I kinda worry he may die soon, since he has the worst luck ever. I know the author said he's been thinking about it because not killing him seemed unrealistic. I really hope he lasts. I don't want Carl to take over as the main character.
  4. i think i saw that they had the comics on the iphone app store as well
  5. Sub! I'm a huge TWD nerd.
    The last one I read was 94. I have to read it once it comes out. Did you notice that in a panle on 93 ricks missing the wrong hand, and there's two type-os.

    I don't think they will kill Rick off, hes the main character! But Michonne is by far my favorite charter, then Glen, then Rick.
  6. 94 is the newest issue.

    they juuust get within view of the city Jesus is talking about.

    btw have i ever mentioned that Jesus is awesome, and will probably become the best character ever if he sticks around.
  7. My dad got me volume 4-9 for my birthday and the comics are so hardcore, I basically just finished the giant ass prison battle and they met Abraham and theyre gonna head to dc soon. I fucking love the comics
  8. I'm gunna try to collect all the hardcover books. They are easier to keep track off compared to the comics.

    Subbed as well.
  9. Yeah they are on android/iphone. I totally forgot.

    Michonne is a great character. There's been a few times I thought she was gonna bite the dust for sure.

    I actually like most all the regular characters. Like I hate Andrea in the show and I hated her for a while in the comics but she's been getting cooler.

    I still hated Lori... but you know..
  10. i love the quote from Abraham when they first meet up

    “The thing about smart mother fuckers is that sometimes, they sound like crazy mother fuckers to stupid mother fuckers...”

    i also love that this quote pretty much bites him in the ass later on
  11. I also have this book that is called the character guide or something, and it basically just tells you what happens to the character in every volume and how they die and stuff like that it's pretty cool.
  12. theres a character prologue thingy for Michonne now. its a few page comic strip of Michonne reminiscing the early days of the zombies.

    explains how she ended up the way she did when she met up with the group.
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    can anyone get me a link for TWD comics online? honestly, especially starting where season 3 starts, but any/all would be appreciated :)

    EDIT: for anyone curious - season 3 starts around #12-13 comic.
  14. I don't know of anywhere to just read them online. Most require you to download.

    But you don't wanna pick up where the show left off. You kinda gotta start from the beginning because the characters are so different.. hell there are major characters not even in the show
  15. yeah, You would have to download the comics or buy them. And keep in mind the comic is different from the show, and the comic is much better.
  16. Get the big book with all the issues together... its fucking badass
  17. Went to my LCS and picked up the first two volumes.

    Bowl blazed....Page 1 begin.
  18. [quote name='"makinthelul420"']Went to my LCS and picked up the first two volumes.

    Bowl blazed....Page 1 begin.[/quote]

    The very beginning is the worst part in my opinion. Not due to lack of action (the action picks up fast from what I remember), but because it just sorta jumps from place to place. I kinda referenced the show a few times just to tell what was really going on. I don't mean the whole first volume is like that haha, just the intro to the story I guess. After that it manages itself well in my opinion.

    I'm willing to bet by the time you finish you'll seriously want to pick up the next volume haha. It's so addicting
  19. Seen them around, and I have heard pretty good things about them. Might pick the first couple up soonish.:)
  20. almostdone with the first volume...itsamazing

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